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7185d942 1How to work with the stack of particles?
2 pointer to the stack is returned by AliRun::Stack() or AliRunLoader::Stack()
3 total amount of particles in stack for a given event: AliStack::GetNtrack() or AliRun::GetEvent()
4 total amount of primiry particles in stack for a given event: AliStack::GetNprimary() or TreeH()::GetEntries()
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09c52ebc 6How to open session?
7 use static methode AliRunLoader::Open(
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09c52ebc 10How to retrive hits:
11 Hits a stored on primiry by primiry basis. To retrieve all hits one needs to do:
12 initialise the root tree and containers: AliLoader::LoadHits()
13 read number of primiries in current event:
14 loop on the list of primiries:
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09c52ebc 18How to retrive sdigits?
19 Sdigits stored in tree S with the branch of TClonesArray, all sdigits in a single TClonesArray
20 So the tree has only one entry.
21 One needs to say:
22 pRich->GetLoader()->LoadSDigits(); this one open file, get the tree and invoke AliRICH::SetTreeAddress()
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7185d942 29What are the debug methodes avail:
30 AliModule::GetDebug()
31 AliModule::SetDebug()
32 AliRun::GetDebug()
33 AliRun::SetDebug()
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09c52ebc 36How to get info for tid number?
37 Header and Kinematics trees must be loaded, then possible to retrive pointer to Stack of particles
38 Int_t AliRunLoader::LoadHeader(); Int_t AliRunLoader::LoadKinematics()
39 AliStack *AliRunLoader::Stack()
40 TParticle *AliStack::Particle(tid)
41 TParticle::Print()
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09c52ebc 43How to deal with AliRunDigitizer?
44 AliRunDigitizer::Exec() just call AliRunDigitizer::Digitize()
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7185d942 46How to avoid using gAlice?
47 Rich()->GetLoader()->GetRunLoader()->GetAliRun() returns gAlice global pointer.
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