new recipients for TPC and GRP shuttle messages, both in test and production mode
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema_prod / GRP.ldif
9a1a1334 1version: 1
3# LDIF Export for: det=GRP,o=shuttle_prod,dc=cern,dc=ch
4e56cd3c 4# Generated by phpLDAPadmin ( ) on April 19, 2012 11:41 am
9a1a1334 5# Server: SHUTTLE (
6# Search Scope: sub
7# Search Filter: (objectClass=*)
8# Total Entries: 2
f88f9c43 10dn: det=GRP,o=shuttle_prod,dc=cern,dc=ch
f88f9c43 11det: GRP
12strictRunOrder: 0
097e27cb 13responsible:
907b0ecf 14responsible:
d3dc4ad7 15responsible:
770853a7 17responsible:
4e56cd3c 18responsible:
19objectClass: detectorConfig
d3dc4ad7 20
45bfce3b 21dn:,det=GRP,o=shuttle_prod,dc=cern,dc=ch
f88f9c43 22objectClass: dcsConfig
f88f9c43 23dcsPort: 1337
24multiSplit: 4000
907b0ecf 25dcsHost:
f88f9c43 26dcsAlias: L3Current
27dcsAlias: DipoleCurrent
28dcsAlias: L3Polarity
29dcsAlias: DipolePolarity
30dcsAlias: CavernTemperature
31dcsAlias: CavernAtmosPressure
097e27cb 32dcsAlias: SurfaceAtmosPressure
d3dc4ad7 33dcsAlias: Dipole_Inside_H[1..3]
34dcsAlias: Dipole_Inside_Temperature
35dcsAlias: Dipole_Outside_H[1..3]
36dcsAlias: Dipole_Outside_Temperature
37dcsAlias: L3_BKF13_H[1..3]
38dcsAlias: L3_BKF13_Temperature
39dcsAlias: L3_BKF17_H[1..3]
40dcsAlias: L3_BKF17_Temperature
41dcsAlias: L3_BKF4_H[1..3]
42dcsAlias: L3_BKF4_Temperature
43dcsAlias: L3_BKF8_H[1..3]
44dcsAlias: L3_BKF8_Temperature
45dcsAlias: L3_BSF13_H[1..3]
46dcsAlias: L3_BSF13_Temperature
47dcsAlias: L3_BSF17_H[1..3]
48dcsAlias: L3_BSF17_Temperature
49dcsAlias: L3_BSF4_H[1..2]
50dcsAlias: L3_BSF4_Temperature
51dcsAlias: L3_BSF8_H[1..3]
52dcsAlias: L3_BSF8_Temperature
9a1a1334 53dcsAlias: CavernAtmosPressure2
097e27cb 54