Updating ldif files both for the schema and the schema_prod, according to LDAP config...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema_prod / SSD.ldif
f88f9c43 1# SSD config
2dn: det=SSD,o=shuttle_prod,dc=cern,dc=ch
3objectClass: top
4objectClass: detectorConfig
5det: SSD
6strictRunOrder: 0
7responsible: enrico.fragiacomo@ts.infn.it
d3dc4ad7 8responsible: Panos.Christakoglou@cern.ch
f88f9c43 9
45bfce3b 10dn: dcsHost=alidcsamanda.cern.ch,det=SSD,o=shuttle_prod,dc=cern,dc=ch
f88f9c43 11objectClass: dcsConfig
45bfce3b 12dcsHost: alidcsamanda.cern.ch
f88f9c43 13dcsPort: 1337
14multiSplit: 4000