Corrections to obey our coding conventions
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliDetector.h
8918e700 1#ifndef ALIDETECTOR_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6/* $Id$ */
88cb7938 8#include "AliModule.h"
94de3818 10class AliHit;
2ab0c725 11class TTree;
9e1a0ddb 12class TBranch;
88cb7938 13class AliLoader;
8494b010 15class AliDetector : public AliModule {
fe4da5cc 16
fe4da5cc 17public:
19 // Creators - distructors
20 AliDetector(const char* name, const char *title);
21 AliDetector();
e2afb3b6 22 AliDetector(const AliDetector &det);
fe4da5cc 23 virtual ~AliDetector();
25 // Inline functions
6644b9ca 26 void Copy(AliDetector &det) const;
94de3818 27 virtual int GetNdigits() const {return fNdigits;}
28 virtual int GetNhits() const {return fNhits;}
29 TClonesArray *Digits() const {return fDigits;}
30 TClonesArray *Hits() const {return fHits;}
88cb7938 31
94de3818 32 TObjArray *Points() const {return fPoints;}
33 Int_t GetIshunt() const {return fIshunt;}
8918e700 34 void SetIshunt(Int_t ishunt) {fIshunt=ishunt;}
ef42d733 35 AliDetector &operator=(const AliDetector &det)
8918e700 36 {det.Copy(*this); return (*this);}
fe4da5cc 37
fe4da5cc 38 // Other methods
9e1a0ddb 39 virtual void Publish(const char *dir, void *c, const char *name=0);
fe4da5cc 40 virtual void Browse(TBrowser *b);
fe4da5cc 41 virtual void FinishRun();
fe4da5cc 42 virtual void LoadPoints(Int_t track);
88cb7938 43 virtual void MakeBranch(Option_t *opt=" ");
fe4da5cc 44 virtual void ResetDigits();
45 virtual void ResetHits();
88cb7938 46
fe4da5cc 47 virtual void ResetPoints();
48 virtual void SetTreeAddress();
49 virtual void SetTimeGate(Float_t gate) {fTimeGate=gate;}
94de3818 50 virtual Float_t GetTimeGate() const {return fTimeGate;}
8494b010 51 virtual void StepManager() {}
52 virtual void DrawModule() {}
8918e700 53 virtual AliHit* FirstHit(Int_t track);
fe4da5cc 54 virtual AliHit* NextHit();
55 virtual void SetBufferSize(Int_t bufsize=8000) {fBufferSize = bufsize;}
9e1a0ddb 56 virtual TBranch* MakeBranchInTree(TTree *tree, const char* cname, void* address, Int_t size=32000, const char *file=0);
d0f40f23 57 virtual TBranch* MakeBranchInTree(TTree *tree, const char* cname, const char* name, void* address, Int_t size=32000, Int_t splitlevel=99, const char *file=0);
88cb7938 58
59 void MakeTree(Option_t *option); //skowron
61 virtual AliLoader* MakeLoader(const char* topfoldername); //builds standard getter (AliLoader type)
62 void SetLoader(AliLoader* loader){fLoader = loader;}
63 AliLoader* GetLoader() const {return fLoader;} //skowron
64 TTree* TreeH(); //shorcut method for accessing treeH from folder
65 // Data members
8918e700 66protected:
68 Float_t fTimeGate; //Time gate in seconds
70 Int_t fIshunt; //1 if the hit is attached to the primary
2ab0c725 71 Int_t fNhits; //!Number of hits
72 Int_t fNdigits; //!Number of digits
73 Int_t fBufferSize; //!buffer size for Tree detector branches
2388c363 74 TClonesArray *fHits; //!List of hits for one track only
75 TClonesArray *fDigits; //!List of digits for this detector
2ab0c725 76 TObjArray *fPoints; //!Array of points for each track (all tracks in memory)
2cad796f 77
88cb7938 78 AliLoader* fLoader;//! pointer to getter for this module skowron
ac4ea1ec 80 ClassDef(AliDetector,5) //Base class for ALICE detectors
fe4da5cc 81};