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fe4da5cc 1#ifndef AliDisplay_H
2#define AliDisplay_H
5// //
6// AliDisplay //
7// //
8// Utility class to display ALice outline, tracks, hits,.. //
9// //
12#ifndef ROOT_TObject
13#include <TObject.h>
16class TCanvas;
17class TPad;
18class TList;
19class TSlider;
20class TButton;
21class TArc;
23const Int_t kMAXZOOMS = 20;
25class AliDisplay : public TObject {
28 Int_t fZoomMode; //=1 if in zoom mode
29 Bool_t fDrawAllViews; //Flag True if AllViews selected
30 Bool_t fDrawParticles; //Flag True if particles to be drawn
31 Bool_t fDrawHits; //Flag True if Hits to be drawn
32 Float_t fPTcut; //PT cut to display objects
33 Float_t fTheta; //Viewing angle theta
34 Float_t fPhi; //Viewing angle phi
35 Float_t fPsi; //Viewving angle psi (rotation on display)
36 Float_t fRrange; //Size of view in R
37 Float_t fZrange; //Size of view along Z
38 Float_t fZoomX0[20]; //Low x range of zoom number i
39 Float_t fZoomY0[20]; //Low y range of zoom number i
40 Float_t fZoomX1[20]; //High x range of zoom number i
41 Float_t fZoomY1[20]; //High y range of zoom number i
42 Int_t fZooms; //Number of zooms
43 Int_t fHitsCuts; //Number of hits surviving cuts
44 TCanvas *fCanvas; //Pointer to the display canvas
45 TPad *fTrigPad; //Pointer to the trigger pad
46 TPad *fCutPad; //Pointer to the momentum cut slider pad
47 TPad *fEtaPad; //Pointer to the rapidity cut slider pad
48 TPad *fButtons; //Pointer to the buttons pad
49 TPad *fPad; //Pointer to the event display main pad
50 TSlider *fCutSlider; //Momentum cut slider
51 TSlider *fEtaSlider; //Rapidity slider
52 TSlider *fRangeSlider; //Range slider
53 TButton *fPickButton; //Button to activate Pick mode
54 TButton *fZoomButton; //Button to activate Zoom mode
55 TArc *fArcButton; //Gren/Red button to show Pick/Zoom mode
56 TList *fFruits; //List for fruits
59 AliDisplay();
60 AliDisplay(Int_t size);
61 virtual ~AliDisplay();
62 virtual Bool_t AllViews() {return fDrawAllViews;}
63 virtual void Clear(Option_t *option="");
64 TSlider *CutSlider() {return fCutSlider;}
65 virtual void ShowTrack(Int_t track_number); // *MENU*
66 virtual void HideTrack(Int_t track_number); // *MENU*
67 virtual void DisableDetector(const char *name); // *MENU*
68 virtual void DisplayButtons();
69 virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py);
70 virtual void Draw(Option_t *option="");
71 virtual void DrawAllViews();
72 virtual void DrawHits();
73 virtual void DrawTitle(Option_t *option="");
74 virtual void DrawView(Float_t theta, Float_t phi, Float_t psi=0);
75 virtual void DrawViewGL();
76 virtual void DrawViewX3D();
77 virtual void EnableDetector(const char *name); // *MENU*
78 TSlider *EtaSlider() {return fEtaSlider;}
79 virtual void ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py);
80 Int_t GetZoomMode() {return fZoomMode;}
81 virtual void LoadPoints();
82 TPad *Pad() {return fPad;}
83 virtual void Paint(Option_t *option="");
84 Float_t PTcut() {return fPTcut;}
85 virtual void SetDrawHits(Bool_t draw=kTRUE) {fDrawHits=draw;} // *MENU*
86 virtual void SetDrawParticles(Bool_t draw=kTRUE) {fDrawParticles=draw;} // *MENU*
87 virtual void SetPTcut(Float_t ptcut=1.5); // *MENU*
88 virtual void SetRange(Float_t rrange=350, Float_t zrange=350); // *MENU*
89 virtual void SetView(Float_t theta, Float_t phi, Float_t psi=0);
90 virtual void SetPickMode();
91 virtual void SetZoomMode();
92 virtual void ShowNextEvent(Int_t delta=1);
93 virtual void UnZoom(); // *MENU*
95 ClassDef(AliDisplay, 0) //Utility class to display ALICE outline, tracks, hits,..