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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCExBExact.h
cf585711 1/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
2 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
5// An exact implementation of the ExB effect.
faf93237 10
11#include "AliTPCExB.h"
cf585711 12
cf585711 13class AliMagF;
faf93237 14
15class AliTPCExBExact:public AliTPCExB {
481f877b 17 AliTPCExBExact(); // just for the I/O stuff
f7a1cc68 18 //AliTPCExBExact(const AliMagF *bFieldMap,Double_t driftVelocity,Int_t n=100);
faf93237 19 AliTPCExBExact(const AliMagF *bField,Double_t driftVelocity,Int_t n=100,
481f877b 20 Int_t nx=30,Int_t ny=30,Int_t nz=100);
faf93237 21 virtual ~AliTPCExBExact();
22 virtual void Correct(const Double_t *position,Double_t *corrected);
f7a1cc68 23 //void TestThisBeautifulObject(const AliFieldMap *bFieldMap,const char* fileName);
481f877b 24 void TestThisBeautifulObject(const AliMagF *bField,const char* fileName);
26 Double_t fDriftVelocity; // The electron drift velocity.
faf93237 27private:
28 AliTPCExBExact& operator=(const AliTPCExBExact&); // don't assign me
29 AliTPCExBExact(const AliTPCExBExact&); // don't copy me
481f877b 30 void TestThisBeautifulObjectGeneric(const char* fileName);
faf93237 31 void CreateLookupTable();
cf585711 32 void GetE(Double_t *e,const Double_t *x) const;
33 void GetB(Double_t *b,const Double_t *x) const;
faf93237 34 void Motion(const Double_t *x,Double_t t,Double_t *dxdt) const;
35 void CalculateDistortion(const Double_t *x,Double_t *dist) const;
36 void DGLStep(Double_t *x,Double_t t,Double_t h) const;
f7a1cc68 37 //const AliFieldMap *fkMap; //! the magnetic field map as supplied by the user
481f877b 38 const AliMagF *fkField; //! the magnetic field as supplied by the user
39 Int_t fkN; // max number of integration steps
40 Int_t fkNX; // field mesh points in x direction
41 Int_t fkNY; // field mesh points in y direction
42 Int_t fkNZ; // field mesh points in z direction
43 Double_t fkXMin; // the first grid point in x direction
44 Double_t fkXMax; // the last grid point in x direction
45 Double_t fkYMin; // the first grid point in y direction
46 Double_t fkYMax; // the last grid point in y direction
47 Double_t fkZMin; // the first grid point in z direction
48 Double_t fkZMax; // the last grid point in z direction
49 Int_t fkNLook; // size of the lookup table
50 Double_t *fkLook; //[fkNLook] the great lookup table
51 static const Double_t fgkEM; //! elementary charge over electron mass (C/kg)
52 static const Double_t fgkDriftField; //! the TPC drift field (V/m) (modulus)
faf93237 53
54 ClassDef(AliTPCExBExact,1)