Vertexing with tracks included (Andrea)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / AliTPCPRF2D.h
8c555625 1#ifndef ALITPCPRF2D_H
2#define ALITPCPRF2D_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6/* $Id$ */
c3c63118 7//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
8// Manager class for AliTPCPRF2D //
9// This is to generate the 2-dimensional pad-response function //
8c555625 11#include "TObject.h"
c3c63118 12
8c555625 13class TF2;
cc80f89e 14class TArrayF;
6e7b5431 15class TH1F;
16class AliH2F;
17class TPaveText;
8c555625 18
19class AliTPCPRF2D : public TObject {
20public :
21 AliTPCPRF2D();
6e7b5431 22 virtual ~AliTPCPRF2D();
23 virtual void Update(); //recalculate tables for charge calculation
8c555625 24 Float_t GetGRF(Float_t xin, Float_t yin);
25 //return generic response function in xin
6e7b5431 26 virtual TF2 * GetGRF(){return fGRF;}
27 virtual Float_t GetPRF(Float_t xin, Float_t yin);
8c555625 28 //return PRF in point xin,yin
6e7b5431 29
30 virtual void DrawX(Float_t x1 ,Float_t x2,Float_t y1,Float_t y2=0, Int_t N=1);
31 virtual void DrawPRF(Float_t x1, Float_t x2, Float_t y1, Float_t y2, Int_t Nx=20, Int_t Ny=20);
8c555625 32 //draw two dimensional PRF
6e7b5431 34 virtual void DrawDist(Float_t x1, Float_t x2, Float_t y1, Float_t y2, Int_t Nx=20, Int_t Ny=20,
8c555625 35 Float_t thr=0);
36 //draw distortion of COG method
37 //we suppose threshold equal to thr
6e7b5431 38 TH1F * GenerDrawXHisto(Float_t x1, Float_t x2,Float_t y);
39 AliH2F * GenerDrawHisto(Float_t x1, Float_t x2, Float_t y1, Float_t y2, Int_t Nx=20, Int_t Ny=20);
40 AliH2F * GenerDrawDistHisto(Float_t x1, Float_t x2, Float_t y1, Float_t y2, Int_t Nx=20, Int_t Ny=20,
41 Float_t thr=0);
43 virtual void SetPad(Float_t width, Float_t height);
cc80f89e 44 //set base chevron parameters
6e7b5431 45 virtual void SetChevron(Float_t hstep, Float_t shifty, Float_t fac);
cc80f89e 46 //set chevron parameters
6e7b5431 47 virtual void SetChParam(Float_t width, Float_t height,
cc80f89e 48 Float_t hstep, Float_t shifty, Float_t fac);
49 //set all geometrical parameters
6e7b5431 50 virtual void SetY(Float_t y1, Float_t y2, Int_t nYdiv) ;
51 virtual void SetChargeAngle(Float_t angle){fChargeAngle = angle;} //set angle of pad and charge distribution
cc80f89e 52 //axes
176aff27 53 virtual void SetCurrentAngle(Float_t /*angle*/){return;}
6e7b5431 54 virtual void SetPadAngle(Float_t angle){fPadAngle = angle;} //set pad angle
55 void SetInterpolationType(Int_t interx, Int_t intery) {fInterX=interx; fInterY =intery;}
56 virtual void SetGauss(Float_t sigmaX,Float_t sigmaY , Float_t kNorm=1);
8c555625 57 //adjust PRF with GAUSIAN as generic GRF
58 //if direct = kTRUE then it does't convolute distribution
6e7b5431 59 virtual void SetCosh(Float_t sigmaX,Float_t sigmaY , Float_t kNorm=1);
8c555625 60 //adjust PRF with 1/Cosh as generic GRF
6e7b5431 61 virtual void SetGati(Float_t K3X, Float_t K3Y,
8c555625 62 Float_t padDistance,
63 Float_t kNorm=1);
64 void SetParam(TF2 * GRF,Float_t kNorm,
65 Float_t sigmaX=0, Float_t sigmaY=0);
8c555625 66 void SetNdiv(Int_t Ndiv){fNdiv=Ndiv;}
6e7b5431 67 virtual Float_t GetSigmaX() const {return fSigmaX;}
68 virtual Float_t GetSigmaY() const {return fSigmaY;}
cc80f89e 69
8c555625 71protected:
cc80f89e 72 void Update1();
6e7b5431 73 virtual void UpdateSigma(); //recalculate sigma of PRF
8c555625 74 Float_t GetPRFActiv(Float_t xin); //return PRF in point xin and actual y
a8a6107b 75 Float_t * fcharge; //!field with PRF
cc80f89e 76 Float_t fY1; //position of first "virtual" vire
77 Float_t fY2; //position of last virtual vire
78 Int_t fNYdiv; //number of wires
6e7b5431 79 Int_t fNChargeArray; //number of charge interpolation points
a8a6107b 80 Float_t * fChargeArray; //[fNChargeArray]pointer to array of arrays
6e7b5431 81
82 void DrawComment(TPaveText * comment); //draw comments to picture
cc80f89e 83 //chevron parameters
84 Float_t fHeightFull; //height of the full pad
85 Float_t fHeightS; //height of the one step
86 Float_t fShiftY; //shift of the step
87 Float_t fWidth; //width of the pad
88 Float_t fK; //k factor of the chewron
8c555625 90 Double_t funParam[5];//parameters of used charge function
91 Int_t fNPRF; //number of interpolations point
92 Int_t fNdiv; //number of division to calculate integral
93 Float_t fDStep; //element step for point
6e7b5431 94 Float_t fKNorm; //normalisation factor of the charge integral
8c555625 95 Float_t fInteg; //integral of GRF on +- infinity
96 TF2 * fGRF; //charge distribution function
cc80f89e 98 Float_t fK3X; //KX parameter (only for Gati parametrization)
99 Float_t fK3Y; //KY parameter (only for Gati parametrisation)
100 Float_t fPadDistance; //pad anode distnce (only for Gati parametrisation)
102 Float_t fOrigSigmaX; //sigma of original distribution;
103 Float_t fOrigSigmaY; //sigma of original distribution;
6e7b5431 104
cc80f89e 105 Float_t fChargeAngle;//'angle' of charge distribution refernce system to pad reference system
6e7b5431 106 Float_t fPadAngle; //'angle' of the pad assymetry
8c555625 107
cc80f89e 108 Float_t fSigmaX; //sigma X of PAD response function
109 Float_t fSigmaY; //sigma Y of PAD response function
110 Float_t fMeanX; //mean X value
111 Float_t fMeanY; //mean Y value
6e7b5431 112 Int_t fInterX; //interpolation in X
113 Int_t fInterY; //interpolation in Y
8c555625 114 //calculated during update
cc80f89e 116 char fType[5]; //charge type
117 Float_t fCurrentY; //in reality we calculate PRF only for one fixed y
118 Float_t fDYtoWire; //! used to make PRF calculation faster in GetPRF
6e7b5431 119 Float_t fDStepM1; //! used in GetPRFActiv to make calculation faster
120 //
121 static const Double_t fgkDegtoRad; //numeric constant
122 static const Double_t fgkSQRT12; //numeric constant
123 static const Int_t fgkNPRF; //default number of division
73042f01 124
6e7b5431 125private:
176aff27 126 AliTPCPRF2D(const AliTPCPRF2D &prf);
4c57c771 127 AliTPCPRF2D &operator = (const AliTPCPRF2D &/*prf*/) {return *this;}
6e7b5431 128
8c555625 129 ClassDef(AliTPCPRF2D,1)
6e7b5431 130};
8c555625 131
132#endif /* ALITPCPRF2D_H */