ATO-17 - reset cach matrix and current matrix after dumping to the tree (not before)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCbaseLinkDef.h
6d75e4b6 1#ifdef __CINT__
2/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
5/* $Id$ */
7#pragma link off all globals;
8#pragma link off all classes;
9#pragma link off all functions;
829455ad 10
11// Data Structure for Simulated Data
19c43f27 12#pragma link C++ class AliSegmentID+; // Base class for AliDigts and AliClusters (before also used for TRD)
13#pragma link C++ class AliSegmentArray-; // Keeps all AliDigits (all rows) (before also used for TRD)
14#pragma link C++ class AliDigits+; // Digits per row -> (pad,timebin) (before also used for TRD)
829455ad 15
19c43f27 16#pragma link C++ class AliH2F+; // Additional functionality to 2D Histogram (used in Draw padResponse func)
17 // --- remove it, check miminal code needed for drawing
829455ad 18
19c43f27 19#pragma link C++ class AliTPCLoader+; // TPC Loader - derived from AliLoader ...
829455ad 20
19c43f27 21#pragma link C++ class AliTPCRF1D-; // 1D Response Function (used for Time Response Function)
22#pragma link C++ class AliTPCPRF2D-; // 2D Pad Response Function
829455ad 23
19c43f27 24#pragma link C++ class AliDetectorParam+; // Base class for AliTPCParam (before also used for TRD)
25#pragma link C++ class AliTPCParam+; // Parameterize the Geometry, Diffusion, ResponseFunction, Default HV, ...
26 // Base class for AliTPCParamSR
27#pragma link C++ class AliTPCParamSR-; // SR = Straight Rows
28 // --- In principle only 1 class of (AliDetectorParam, AliTPCParam,
29 // AliTPCParamSR) is needed - can be merged, but breaks OCDB
6d75e4b6 30
19c43f27 31#pragma link C++ class AliSimDigits+; // Derived from AliDigits - MC track labels in addition
32 // --- Maybe combine AliDigits and AliSimDigits to new AliTPCdigits
33#pragma link C++ class AliDigitsArray+; // Derived from AliSegmentArray - Adds only AliDetecorParam
34 // -> Keeps AliDigits (all rows)
35 // --- Is this ptr still nedded? use singleton
36#pragma link C++ class AliTPCDigitsArray+; // --- merge with AliDigitsArray -> new name AliTPCDigitsArray
38#pragma link C++ class AliTPCROC+; // Geometry for 1 ROC (ReadOutChamber) - hardcoded
39 // --- (possible) duplication of AliTPCParam
40#pragma link C++ class AliTPCmapper+; // Hardware address mapping
41 // --- investigate if it can be merged with AliTPCROC and AliTPCParam
42#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalROC-; // Calibration for 1 ROC - contains 1 entry per pad in a ROC
43#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalPad+; // Calibration for 1 TPC - contains AliTPCCalROC -> all pads
44#pragma link C++ class AliTPCcalibDB+; // Main class to access OCDB and derived info - caches those
45#pragma link C++ class AliTPCcalibDButil+; // Helper methods for AliTPCcalibDB
46#pragma link C++ class AliTPCSensorTemp+; // Temperature info from DCS of 1 sensor- Derived from AliDCSSensor
47#pragma link C++ class AliTPCSensorTempArray+; // Array of AliTPCSensorTemp sensors
49#pragma link C++ class AliTPCAltroMapping+; // Maps Altro and physical HW address - used by AliTPCmapper
50#pragma link C++ class AliTPCRawStreamV3+; // TPC interface to Altro RAW decoder - using RCU format 3
829455ad 51
52// Calibration classes using RAW data (used in DA and HLT)
19c43f27 53#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibRawBase+; // Base class for the next 4 classes
54#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibPedestal+; // Calib : Calculate pedestal and noise from BlackEvents
55 // pedestal value are wrong by 0.5 ADC counts
56 // --- To be checked with Christian and made consistent
57#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibPulser+; // Calib : Analysis of Pulser events (timing, amplitude
58 // and dead channel detection)
59#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibCE+; // Calib : Drift velocity from CentralElectrode
60 // + new method using laser tracks - not used so far in reco
61#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibRaw+; // Monitors/analyzes Altro header info (eg Altro phase)
63#pragma link C++ class AliTPCPreprocessor+; // The Preprocessor
64#pragma link C++ class AliTPCPreprocessorOnline+; // Combines calibration info on pad level from
65 // different sources, creates tree
66 // --- rename with meaningfull name"AliTPCCalibTreeCreator"
67 // check overlap with calibviewer, move MakeTree here
829455ad 68#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibViewer+; // Uses the trees from above -- move to Util
69#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibViewerGUI+; // GUI for AliTPCCalibViewer -- move to Util
70#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibViewerGUItime+; // Timing trend for OCDB entries
71 // --- rename like "CalibGUITimeDependent" -- move to Util
72#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibViewerGUItimeAddAliasFrame+; // Helper class for above -- move to util
19c43f27 73#pragma link C++ class AliTPCConfigDA+; // Config Parser for DA configuration (= file in DAQ DB)
74#pragma link C++ class AliTPCConfigParser+; // same as above
75 // --- Jens to check the differences - one might obsolete
829455ad 76
19c43f27 77#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibVdrift+; // Describes v_D(E,B,T,p) used in CalibDB
78#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTempMap+; // Calculate temperature map and the gradient of the temperature
829455ad 79
19c43f27 80#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExB+; // Base class of AliTPCExBExact, AliTPCExBFirst
81#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBFirst+ ; // Used only in MC - in CalibDB
82#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBExact+; // Benchmark for EXBFirst, to confirm its output
83 // --- after moving to RAW OCDB -> move all 3 to attic
829455ad 84
19c43f27 85#pragma link C++ class AliTransform+; // Base class for AliTPCTransform
86 // --- combine with AliTPCTransform
87#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTransform+; // Full transformation of the space points
829455ad 88
19c43f27 89#pragma link C++ class AliTPCdataQA-; // Used in DA, DQM, QA
90#pragma link C++ class AliTPCQAChecker+; // Offline QA framework
829455ad 91
19c43f27 92#pragma link C++ class AliTPCPointCorrection+; // remove calling code form Transfrom : do quadrant alignment
93 // --- move to attic
94#pragma link C++ class AliTPCLaserTrack+; // Stores mirror positions and track angles of the Laser
96#pragma link C++ class AliXRDPROOFtoolkit+; // Toolkit for file tree based checks
829455ad 97
98#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCorrection+; // Base class for space point distortions
99#pragma link C++ class AliTPCInverseCorrection+; // Inverse of AliTPCCorrection
100#pragma link C++ class AliTPCComposedCorrection+; // List of AliTPCCorrection - is itself a AliTPCCorrection
101#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCorrectionDrift+; // Parameterization of v_D
103// different space point corrections - implementations of AliTPCCorrection
104#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBBShape+; // ExB due to B field inhomogenity
105#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBTwist+; // ExB due to misalignment of TPC in respect of B field axis
106#pragma link C++ class AliTPCGGVoltError+; // ExB due to misalignment/bad voltage matching of Gating Grid
107#pragma link C++ class AliTPCFCVoltError3D+; // ExB due to misalignment of components of the Field Cage
108 // resitor rods, FC strip clamps
109#pragma link C++ class AliTPCROCVoltError3D+; // ExB due to ROC misalignment
110#pragma link C++ class AliTPCBoundaryVoltError+; // ExB due to voltage errors on main boundaries of the TPC
111#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCalibGlobalMisalignment+; // Alignment expressed in terms of AliTPCCorrection
112 // + OROC qudarant (OROC has 4 separate pad planes) alignment
113#pragma link C++ class AliTPCSpaceCharge+; // Distortions due to space charge in the TPC - rotational symetric
114#pragma link C++ class AliTPCSpaceCharge3D+; // Distortions due to space charge in the TPC - 3D calculation
05da1b4e 115#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCorrectionLookupTable+; // Lookup table created from distortions
19c43f27 116#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBEffective+; // Cover ExB effect of non-explained physical model - not used
117 // --- still used in CalibMacros --- move to attic if removed there
118#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExBEffectiveSector+; // sectorwise above
119 // --- still used in CalibMacros --- move to attic if removed there
e34f0a54 120
6d75e4b6 121#endif