composition of the Alluminum alloy that constitutes the ITS-TPC support rings updated...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCmonLinkDef.h
48265b32 1#ifdef __CINT__
2/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
33dc3c99 5/* $Log$
db641c5a 6/* Revision 1.2 2007/09/17 16:34:54 cvetan
7/* The package was overwriting the rootcint flags. This was fixed by applying the necessary changes in the DATE-dependent parts of the code
33dc3c99 9/* Revision 1.1 2007/09/17 10:23:31 cvetan
10/* New TPC monitoring package from Stefan Kniege. The monitoring package can be started by running TPCMonitor.C macro located in macros folder.
11/* */
48265b32 12
48265b32 13#pragma link off all globals;
14#pragma link off all classes;
15#pragma link off all functions;
c69a7a24 17// re - write for upgraded TPC --- not before
19#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorConfig+; // Config Conatainer
20#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorAltro+; // ALtro Mapping ... to be checked if ituseds Base mapping
21#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorFFT+; // FFT of pad signals
22#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorMappingHandler+; // TPC mapper ... duplication ... but no time to be spend
48265b32 23
db641c5a 24#ifdef ALI_DATE
c69a7a24 25#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorDateMonitor+; // Used to read "Date Format" --- check if it is still used
33dc3c99 26#endif
c69a7a24 27#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorDateFile+; // Used to read "Date Format" --- check if it is still used
28#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorDateFormat+; // Used to read "Date Format" --- check if it is still used
29#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitorDialog+; // dialog for opening data streams
30#pragma link C++ class AliTPCMonitor+; // Main monitor class
48265b32 31