from Alex Kalweit:
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TPC / TPCrecLinkDef.h
6d75e4b6 1#ifdef __CINT__
2/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
5/* $Id$ */
7#pragma link off all globals;
8#pragma link off all classes;
9#pragma link off all functions;
6d75e4b6 10
9686e3af 11#pragma link C++ class AliTPCclusterMI+; // Derived from Cluster (shape in addition)
19c43f27 12 // --- ask Peter what can happen if renamed (add some pragma !??!)
416ccd33 13#pragma link C++ class AliTPCclusterInfo+; // additional info attach to cluster (add digit map)
14 // currently not used by default
16#pragma link C++ class AliComplexCluster+; // Used to store additional cluster and tracklet information along track
9686e3af 17 // Following classes are derived
416ccd33 18 // --- Documentation to be added - classes to be cleaned
9686e3af 19 // --- Marian to investigate
6d75e4b6 20#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTrackerPoint+; // defined in AliComplexCluster.h
21#pragma link C++ class AliTPCClusterPoint+; // defined in AliComplexCluster.h
22#pragma link C++ class AliTPCExactPoint+; // defined in AliComplexCluster.h
23#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTrackPoint+; // defined in AliComplexCluster.h
24#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTrackPoint2+; // defined in AliComplexCluster.h
6d75e4b6 25
416ccd33 26#pragma link C++ class AliClusters+; // Generic container for clusters derived from segmentID - all clusters
9686e3af 27 // contains 1 AliTPCClustersRow per segment (1 segment = 1 padrow)
416ccd33 28#pragma link C++ class AliTPCClustersRow+; // TPC Container array of "cluster" inside 1 padrow
6d75e4b6 29
829455ad 30#pragma link C++ class AliTPCclusterer+; // The TPC clusterer
6d75e4b6 31
9686e3af 32#pragma link C++ class AliTPCtrack+; // Derived from AliTrack base class for TPC tracks
829455ad 33#pragma link C++ class AliTPCpolyTrack+; // Polynomial description of track (used in AliTPCtracker::MakeSeeds2)
416ccd33 34 // working in global coordinate frame
35 // --- docu to be added
9686e3af 36#pragma link C++ class AliTPCseed+; // Derived from AliTPCtrack - the track seed
f1e55ab6 37
9686e3af 38#pragma link C++ class AliTPCtrackerRow+; // Container for info (cluster) on padrow level, method FindNearest ...
39#pragma link C++ class AliTPCtrackerSector+; // Container for info (cluster) on sector level (array rows)
829455ad 40#pragma link C++ class AliTPCtracker+; // The TPC tracker
6d75e4b6 41
9686e3af 42#pragma link C++ class AliTPCReconstructor+; // The TPC reconstructor steering TPC reconstruction
43#pragma link C++ class AliTPCRecoParam+; // Config parameters for reconstruction
44#pragma link C++ class AliTPCClusterParam+; // Cluster parametrization
45#pragma link C++ class AliTPCTracklet+; // Used inside calbration for global fitting
46 // --- should be removed at a later point after calib reassessment
47#pragma link C++ class AliTPCQADataMakerRec+; // Offline QA
6d75e4b6 48
9686e3af 49// Used in Krypton --- Update documentation for all 4 classes
50#pragma link C++ class AliTPCvtpr+; // Helper class for clusterer --- Rename such that is clear that it is used in Kr
51#pragma link C++ class AliPadMax+; // Helper class for clusterer --- Rename such that is clear that it is used in Kr
52#pragma link C++ class AliTPCclusterKr+; // Krypton cluster
53#pragma link C++ class AliTPCclustererKr+; // The Krypton clusterer
3aa6a136 54
9686e3af 55// Used for Cosmics
56#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCosmicUtils+; // Helper class for cosmic tracker
57#pragma link C++ class AliTPCCosmicTrackfit+; // Helper class for cosmic tracker
58#pragma link C++ class AliCosmicTracker+; // Tracker for cosmics (combined fit for upper and lower half)
6d75e4b6 59
9686e3af 60#endif