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14c31136 1<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN"
2 "">
fe4da5cc 3<HTML>
14c31136 4 <HEAD>
5 <TITLE>Alice Off-line Project</TITLE>
6 <LINK rev="made" href="">
7 <BASE file="Welcome.html">
8 <META name="description"
9 content="ALICE Off-line project: Reconstruction, Simulation, Analysis and Framework, documentation, version control for codes for relativistic heavy ion collisions, archive of transport codes">
10 <META name="keywords" content="ALICE, aliroot, root, quark gluon plasma, QGP, QCD, EOS, high energy, nuclear physics, transport models, relativistic transport, relativistic cascade, archives, computer simulation, LHC, CERN">
11 </HEAD>
13 <FRAMESET border="false" cols="170,*">
14 <FRAME frameborder=0 src="content.html" name="toc"
15 marginheight=20 marginwidth=0 scrolling=auto noresize>
16 <FRAME frameborder=0 src="intro.html" name="main"
17 marginheight=20 marginwidth=10 scrolling=auto>
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fe4da5cc 20</HTML>