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Separate syswatch for sim. and rec.
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33410957 11. run.C is the main macro to use. It takes as an argument the raw-data run number to be reconstructed.
2 Note: don't forget to change the username there.
42. rec.C is called from run.C and does:
5*) raw-data input is set to all the raw-data files from the run (rec.SetInput("raw://runXXX"))
6*) QA is switched off due to high memory consumption, it can enabled in case one reconstructs less detectors.
7*) rec.SetEventRange() is used to limit the time of the query. Can be changed according to the needs.
8*) Output is a dataset, which one can setup by rec.SetOutput. The syntax is simple, just follow the example
9and put a coma separated list of output root file just between the first : and @. For example one case do:
13wildcards should work, but better define explicit names.
14The output is a normal CAF dataset (as the one staged from the grid).
163. prepareAlienCollection.sh is a helper script in case the run is long and one wants to select a subset
17of files to bre reconstructed. The syntax is:
19./prepareAliEnCollection.sh XXX XXX.txt
21Then rec.C should be changed, so that the input becomes 'collection://XXX.txt'.
22 Note: alien-token-init should be in the path.
244. rec.sh is a simple shell script which takes the run number as an argument and calls
25'aliroot run.C'