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Installation & Distribution


  1. Code management
  2. Release Policy
  3. Porting and availability
  4. Installation

1. Code Management

The code is maintained as a set of files and headers assembled via a Makefile. We realise that this configuration is not satisfactory, and we will migrate to a more coherent code management scheme in due time.

2. Release Policy

It is the responsibility of the different detector groups to maintain and develop the different modules describing the Alice detectors. The modular structure of the code has been developed to reflect this fact, and changes in one module should not affect the others.

New modules can be provided, incorporated and tested within the AliRoot framework. These should then be submitted and incorporated into the centrally maintained filebase.

Any query or proposal for a change in the code can be addressed to the Alice Simulation Mailing List. Portions of code have to be sent to the current maintainer who has the task to introduce them in the official code for the next release.

For the moment we do not use any version control for the code. It is expected that a version control mechanism will be soon put in place in the framework of the Alice Offline Software. Then AliRoot package will be maintained via this control mechanism.

We expect the code to evolve rapidly, as the TDR studies will require frequent modifications and updates, so we have decided to reserve the right to release a new version up to once a week.

The AliRoot framework will support an interface to Geant4. Reconstruction and analysis of simulated events are also supported by AliRoot.

3. Status and availability

The code is installed at CERN on the ION Work Group Server. The ALICE environment is automatically setup at login time, so users can immediately start using the code. Both a HP-UX and a Linux versions are installed.

All the code and the related material is available in the directory pointed by the variable $ALICE_ROOT. The AliRoot package needs the few packages and routines from the CERN Library. These are contained in a reduced subset of the CERN Library available from the ALICE distribution.

Users who do not have access to afs or who want to have a local installation of the ALICE software should install the code locally according to the procedure described in the next chapter.

As of writing the code has been tested on HP-UX 10.2, Linux 5.1 and Solaris. Porting to other platforms and compilers will take place.

4. Installation Procedure

In order to install the code, the following steps should be performed:

  1. Install ROOT and define the necessary symbols correctly.

  2. Decide in which directory you will install the ALICE sofware. We will indicate it with directory

  3. Define the following global variables in the login script

    ALICE directory
    ALICE_TARGET `uname` (i.e. result of the Unix uname command)
    $LD_LIBRARY_PATH\:$ALICE_ROOT/lib (on all systems)
    $SHLIB_PATH\:$ALICE_ROOT/lib (on hpux)

    At this point you should logout, login again and check that the symbols are set correctly.

  4. Get the file /afs/

  5. Unpack it with

    $ cd $ALICE
    $ gtar xvfz AliOffline3.01.tar.gz

  6. install the CERN library part

    $ cd $ALICE_ROOT
    $ gmake cernlibs

  7. Install the ALICE specific software

    $ cd $ALICE_ROOT
    $ gmake

  8. Copy the file $ALICE_ROOT/.rootrc to your home directory

  9. Change to your home directory and run the code

    $ cd
    $ aliroot
    root [1] .x menu.C

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