- Swap sign of the eta in case of LHC13f - Add histogram for tracks which are matched...
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2014-08-15 jniedzieXcode project file addded to .gitignore
2014-08-12 hristovMerging STORAGE-dev to master
2014-08-08 bthorsbradded eclipse default files to gitignore
2014-07-29 hristovReplace - with . in the rpm spec file
2014-05-26 rgrossoAdd build in .gitignore
2014-02-11 agrigoraAdding RPM creation temporary files to .gitignore
2014-01-15 hristovDo not ignore CMakeLists.txt
2013-12-05 Peter HristovIgnoring more generated files
2013-12-05 AlinaExtracting Branch and Revision from Git.