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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ACORDE / AliACORDEQADataMakerRec.h
2011-10-16 mrodriguDQM histograms fixed
2011-09-29 mrodriguDQM histograms for shifters updated
2011-07-04 hristovChanges in QA to be able to process separately differen...
2011-05-30 mrodriguUpdate of DQM histograms for shifter and expert
2009-06-25 hristovTransfer of the initialisation of the QA Data objects...
2009-05-24 hristovAdded QA for digits during reconstruction (Yves)
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-10-19 mrodriguWarnings Fixed
2008-06-29 mrodriguUpdate for ACORDE-QA (Mario & Luciano)