fixed bug that could ignore libSTEER if libSTEERbase was loaded in LoadModule (JFGO...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliAnalysisTaskME.cxx
2011-11-26 morschCoverity warning corrected.
2011-01-27 morschCoverity fixes (FORWARD NULL and DEADCODE)
2010-11-13 morschextra ; removed
2010-11-04 morschProtection like in SE (Yaxian Mao)
2010-11-01 morschConsider physics selection when building the buffer.
2010-08-13 hristovChanges for report #69974: Virtual class for calorimete...
2009-03-27 morschUse MultiEventHandler instead of MultiAODHandler
2009-01-13 morschSkip standard output while buffer is not ready.
2008-09-05 morschObtain event pool from manager.
2008-08-15 morschFor each bin change wait for buffer to be refilled...
2008-05-20 morschAnalysisTask base class for multi event analysis (mixing).