- introduction of gain scenarios (e.g. OROC only - for homogeneous gain in 11h)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliAnalysisTaskPIDqa.cxx
2012-09-03 morsch- introduction of gain scenarios (e.g. OROC only -...
2012-08-23 morsch- Reshuffling of the particle codes in AliPID. Now...
2011-12-14 wiechulao coverity fixes
2011-12-05 wiechulao AliTRDTenderSupply: updates from Markus Fasel
2011-11-20 morschUpdate needed for CAF
2011-10-28 wiechulao updates from Pietro and Giacomo
2011-10-26 wiechulao updates (Giacomo, Pietro)
2011-10-20 wiechulao remove warning
2011-10-18 wiechulao Add functions and list for HMPID
2011-09-28 wiechulao remove unnecessary printout
2011-09-27 wiechulao exchange printf with AliInfo
2011-09-20 wiechulao fix access of null pointer
2011-09-19 wiechulao fix
2011-09-19 wiechulao updates in the TOF histograms (Pietro)
2011-09-07 wiechulao Add TRD histograms
2011-09-06 wiechulao add missing TOF histograms
2011-08-20 wiechulao More histograms for TOF (Leonardo)
2011-08-11 wiechulao add lists for ITSsa and ITSpureSA
2011-08-11 wiechulao updates for TOF and EMCAL (Pietro, Michael)
2011-08-05 wiechulao add histograms for TPC + TOF
2011-07-25 wiechulao user status flags in AliVTrack
2011-07-18 wiechulao Change AliFatal to AliError
2011-06-14 wiechulao PID qa task