- Common input and output data containers are now created automatically when attachin...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliAnalysisTaskSE.cxx
2009-02-10 agheata- Common input and output data containers are now creat...
2008-11-26 kleinbFor branch replication copy the content of simple objec...
2008-09-03 morschCorrect names for replicated branches. (R. Arnaldi)
2008-08-11 morschAOD replication (Roberta Arnaldi, AM)
2008-06-04 morschProtection in case there is no output handler.
2008-05-30 morschDebug print removed.
2008-05-27 morschCopy of event header for delta-AOD on demand.
2008-05-19 morschAddAODBranch void* instead of TObject*.
2008-03-28 morschEnforce consistency between branch and object name.
2008-03-17 morschStandard procedure to add new branch added.
2008-03-13 morschProtection added.
2008-03-13 morschMissing retune added.
2008-03-13 morschProvisions for analysis with MC data only. (E. Lopez)
2008-03-07 morschPostData needed.
2008-03-07 morschRedeclaration corrected.
2008-03-06 morsch- Protections
2008-03-05 morschentry# stored for each event.
2008-03-04 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-02-28 morschSeparation of ALICE independent ANALYSIS code and ALICE...