[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliCentralitySelectionTask.cxx
2011-03-15 morschOptimisation
2011-03-10 morschSmall patch, makes the scaling =1 for v0 and for the...
2011-03-09 morschNew patch for the centrality selection, not to remove...
2011-03-05 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2011-03-02 morsch- fix the problem in MC
2011-03-02 morschControl histograms and check of MC flag adde.
2011-02-27 morschCoverity 16142
2011-02-27 morschCoverity 16183
2011-02-18 morschMinor modifications to use also the Centrality in 2d...
2011-02-18 morschfunctions replaced by expressions
2011-02-18 hristovUse the bit set in the zdc for the energy calibration...
2011-02-16 morschChanges in control histograms.
2011-02-15 morschUpdated run range and scaling.
2011-02-14 morschInitialisation corrected.
2011-02-11 morsch- cleaning of outliers
2011-02-10 morschWarning printout when histograms are read.
2011-01-27 morschCoverity fixes (FORWARD NULL and DEADCODE)
2011-01-23 morschCoverity corrections.
2011-01-17 jgrosseoupdate to use getter for OADB path
2011-01-13 morschCorrected run ranges.
2011-01-13 morschDefault path changes.
2011-01-12 morschSetter for directory
2011-01-03 morschAliCentrality for ESD and AOD analysis
2010-12-17 agheataCreated new temporary namespace AliESDUtils to hold...
2010-12-16 cvetanAdded raw V0 amplitude for QA purposes (Alberica).
2010-12-16 cvetanRestoring previous fixes that were lost during one...
2010-12-13 morschHisto range corrected. (Alberica)
2010-12-11 morsch 3 new histos.
2010-12-10 agheataupdated version of the AliCentralitySelectionTask with...
2010-12-10 agheatafixes in the centrality task
2010-12-10 agheataNew version of the centrality task (Alberica)
2010-11-30 cvetanSome corrections to the correct and rescaled V0 amplitude.
2010-11-25 morschV0 and SPD linearisation (A. Toia)
2010-11-19 morschCorrections Ch. Kleinn-Boesing
2010-11-19 morschModifications from Jochen Thaeder
2010-11-16 morschUpdates. (alberica)
2010-11-09 morschAdded methods to set/get centrailty from clusters in...
2010-10-29 morschUpdates (A. Toia)
2010-10-29 morschCentrality Task (A. Toia)