a macro with TPC,ITS, ITSSPD vertex, global vertex and v0's
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliESDtrackCuts.h
2009-10-01 jgrosseoadding function to create default tpc-only cuts
2009-09-14 jgrosseoadding cut on relative uncertainty on pt (Bastian)
2009-03-03 jgrosseoadding cut for its stand-alone tracks
2009-02-23 jgrosseochanging default of SetAcceptKinkDaughters to kTRUE...
2009-02-23 jgrosseoremoving deprecated functions
2008-12-11 jgrosseoadding minimal DCA cut (Andrea)
2008-12-09 jgrosseoadding cut for 2D cut on absolute DCA (elliptic cut)
2008-11-10 jgrosseodefault setting for n sigma cut changed from TRUE to...
2008-11-06 jgrosseoAdding track cut on clusters in SPD, SDD, SSD
2008-09-10 jgrosseoadding DCA Z cut
2008-07-25 morschGetter for kinematics cuts added (R. Diaz Valdes)
2008-07-23 hristovFixed signatures of some methods
2008-07-22 morschAbsolute DCA cut in XY plane added.
2008-07-19 morschGetter added.
2008-07-17 jgrosseoremoving old functions that operate on the AliESD ...
2008-07-03 kleinbAdded functionality to retrieve a list of TPC-only...
2008-06-19 morschGetters added.
2008-05-15 morschAliAnalysisCuts::IsSelected(TList*) added to cuts inter...
2008-04-10 morschMoved from PWG0