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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliPhysicsSelectionTask.cxx
2013-03-16 akalweitTypo fix in print statement (on external request).
2012-09-14 shahoianAdded possibility to redirec the output to special...
2011-10-21 mflorisImportant update of the Physics selection: the BG...
2011-02-04 jgrosseofix in branchnames (Constantin)
2010-11-22 agheataA task can now declare the list of input branches that...
2010-11-05 agheataAdded method AliAnalysisManager::AddStatisticsMsg(...
2010-09-02 agheataFixed typo
2010-08-30 agheataAdded protection for the destructor in proof mode.
2010-08-02 agheataAll tasks must post data once for all outputs (AG)
2010-01-25 jgrosseoadded possiblity to select on bunch crossing IDs
2010-01-14 jgrosseoprevent double event counting
2010-01-05 morschTask for physics selection