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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliTriggerAnalysis.h
2010-08-21 zampolliAdding hadron level definition for TPC tracks.
2010-04-20 cvetanUpdating the trigger code for 2010 data. Should be...
2010-04-12 jgrosseotrigger selection for hadron-level event definition
2010-03-26 kleinbIncrease ClassDef
2010-03-26 agheataFrom D.Stocco: changed data member types to explicit...
2010-03-12 jgrosseoMajor changes in AliPhysicsSelection (Michele)
2010-02-10 jgrosseoV0 trigger calculation from ESD data
2010-02-04 jgrosseoadding v0 fake counting
2010-01-05 jgrosseoadding MC support
2009-12-18 jgrosseomoving AliPhysicsSelection and AliTriggerAnalysis to...