AliCentrality for ESD and AOD analysis
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2010-10-14 hristovUpdated macros for pass0 (Jacek)
2010-04-22 zampolliAdding new task to implement central filtering (AliAnal...
2010-04-08 zampolliUpdating jdls (arguments correctly passed and used...
2010-04-08 zampolliUpdating macro to perform merging.
2010-03-27 zampolliTypos fixed.
2010-03-26 zampolliChanging TTL.
2010-03-26 zampolliTypo fixed.
2010-03-25 zampolliTypos fixed.
2010-03-25 zampolliChanging structure of the directory:
2010-03-19 zampolliAdding special reconstruction macro for pass0 (taken...
2010-03-19 zampolliCommitting macros/scripts/jdl for pass0/passX