Update of the TRD PID Response:
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / TenderSupplies / AddTaskTender.C
2011-05-03 hristovUpdate of the TRD PID Response:
2011-03-17 wiechula- run dependent settings automatically in the initialis...
2011-02-21 agheataswitched back to raw:// CDB
2011-02-10 agheatacorrected default OCDB path
2011-01-19 wiechulaUpdate of TPC and TOF tender supplies
2010-10-15 agheataAdded posibility to add V0 tender, by default this...
2010-09-30 agheataAdded V0 supply in the AddTaskTender.C macro
2010-09-30 agheataCorrected output container number
2010-09-17 agheataAdded AliInputEventHandler::SetUserCallSelectionMask...
2010-06-23 agheataTender macro should check derivation from AliESDInputHa...
2010-06-16 morschUpdates for TPC TenderSupply (Jens)
2010-06-02 morschFirst version of the TenderSupplies for TPC/TOF/TRD