coverity fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / TenderSupplies / AliTOFTenderSupply.cxx
2012-03-08 antoniolcoverity fix
2012-03-05 antoniolLHC10b,c pass3 support
2011-08-08 wiechulaUpdates (Pietro):
2011-08-01 wiechulao updates (Pietro)
2011-07-12 morschExplanation: log level for the class set to Info
2011-06-16 wiechulao add missing ClassImp
2011-04-09 morschWith the availability of LHC10h pass2 + a bug found...
2011-03-17 wiechula- run dependent settings automatically in the initialis...
2011-03-11 wiechulao update from Pietro
2011-02-23 wiechulaMC settings handled in Init for SetRemoveMeanT0 and...
2011-02-08 wiechulao update for MC processing (Francesco Noferini)
2011-01-31 wiechulao Add temporary fix for the geometry problem in 10d...
2011-01-19 wiechulaUpdate of TPC and TOF tender supplies
2010-11-03 agheatapatch to fix wrong initialization of TOFcalib object
2010-11-02 agheataFix in TOF tender supply (Annalisa)
2010-10-14 morschNew TOF Tender Sussplies (F. Noferini)
2010-10-14 morschRemove the original version of the TOF Tender.
2010-06-02 morschFirst version of the TenderSupplies for TPC/TOF/TRD