Fix bug in building local list of valid files.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / macros / AODtrain.C
2014-08-15 agheatanew production macros (Mihaela)
2014-06-03 agheataUpdated filtering train macro. Added revertexing option...
2014-03-27 agheataNew central filtering macros from Mihaela
2014-03-25 agheataNew central filtering macros from Mihaela
2014-01-26 Ruben ShahoyanAdded pointer (0 in default version) for revertexing...
2014-01-16 shahoianAdded possibilit to revertex before refiltering
2013-11-18 agheataFixes in the CDBconnect task (Ruben) and adaptation...
2013-08-27 agheataNew versions for the production macros (Mihaela)
2012-12-18 agheataNew production macros from Mihaela
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-02-03 agheataEnabled vertexing QA
2012-02-03 hristovMacros to run the analysis trains (Mihaela)