Updating macro to check the various methods of the AliMUONMCDataInterface
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS /
2007-11-28 morschCall VEventHandler::Init(Option_t*) in SlaveBegin(...
2007-11-26 jgrosseojoint-venture of christian, andrei and jan fiete:
2007-11-26 hristovAdding MUONcore library (Ivana)
2007-11-23 jgrosseoremoving goodies from standard ANALYSIS par file, confl...
2007-11-17 morschInit() method added.
2007-11-15 morschPass event number as argument of AliVEventHandler...
2007-11-14 agheata- AliAnalysisWrapper owns data when put in the output...
2007-11-06 jgrosseoadding default constructor that does not need a name
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-11-01 jgrosseoupdated handling of include paths
2007-10-26 morschSymmetrizing handler calls in AnalysisManager.
2007-10-18 morschBeginEvent() called for input manager.
2007-10-18 morschCall to InputEventHandler for local and proof.
2007-10-12 morschOptional input event handler.
2007-10-05 cvetanIntroduction of the HLT reconstruction into the simulat...
2007-09-27 panosA small fix to cope with the bug of the default TChain...
2007-09-26 morsch"Ali"-dependence in Notify removed from AliAnalysisManager.
2007-08-24 hristovRemoving obsolete classes (Boris)
2007-08-22 panosAdding the possibility to analyse AODs:
2007-08-08 morschput STEERBase into the include path
2007-08-07 hristovRename AliVirtualEventHandler to AliVEventHandler ...
2007-08-07 hristovMake dependencies to STEERBase (Markus)
2007-08-07 cvetanFile path is obtained in AliAnalysisManager and is...
2007-08-06 morschChange of sette/getter in AliAnalysisManager
2007-08-06 morschOptional common MC Truth Service added.
2007-08-01 morschfEventHandler->Fill() replaced by fEventHandler->Finish...
2007-07-11 panosUsing TEntryLists in the local case as well
2007-07-06 panosAdding TString.h needed for some compilers
2007-07-06 agheata- Bug fix in AliAnalysisDataWrapper::Merge(). Merging...
2007-07-03 cvetanMissing include
2007-07-03 cvetanUse TFile::cp instead of TFileMerger::cp (Matevz)
2007-06-29 morschFilter and cuts classes to be used with filter tasks.
2007-06-13 schutzremove the creation of a Handler when no AOD is produced
2007-06-13 schutzCoding violation
2007-06-13 hristovRemoving extra semicolon
2007-06-11 schutzadding AliEventHandler etc..
2007-06-11 morschDefault behavior if event handler is not defined.
2007-06-07 morschPass execution mode to event handler.
2007-06-05 morschAOD includes added.
2007-06-04 morschInterfaced to AliVirtualEventHandler
2007-06-04 hristovCorrected sintax of the commands in ProcessLine (Yves)
2007-06-01 hristovUsing ProcessLine to avoid linking with libRAliEn.so
2007-05-31 hristovLet the taskmanager open the outfile before the task...
2007-05-29 hristovTemporary: do not link AliHLTMUON.so
2007-05-18 hristovExcluding AliAnalisysGoodies from the compilation if...
2007-05-15 hristovUse root-config to check for existence of XML extensi...
2007-05-09 agheata- Implementation of post-event loop tasks (Mihaela...
2007-05-07 hristovDo not link libRAliEn.so, it will be loaded on demand
2007-05-04 schutzReintroduces AliAnalysisGoodies in par file
2007-05-04 schutzCorrection to match with the new AliTagAnalysis
2007-05-04 agheata- Fix for a recently introduced bug
2007-05-04 agheata- Fixed path for AliAnalysisSelector.cxx in the local...
2007-05-04 panosAdding the LHC and detector level tag cuts in the tag...
2007-05-04 agheata- Introduced default value 'RECREATE' for file opening...
2007-05-03 panosMoving from TEventList to TEntryList in the QueryTags...
2007-05-03 agheata This method has to be called INSIDE the user redefined...
2007-05-02 hristovUpdated list of MUON libraries (Ivana)
2007-05-02 agheata The method LocalInit() may be implemented to call...
2007-05-02 agheatafixed return value for Notify()
2007-05-02 agheata- New class AliAnalysisDataWrapper used for streaming...
2007-04-20 hristovD0 analysis moved to PWG3 (Andrea)
2007-04-19 morschRunloader is updated when moving to next file (quick...
2007-04-17 hristovAliAnalysisGoodies temporarily removed from the compilation
2007-04-16 cvetanCorrection to the previous fix
2007-04-16 cvetanFix for the case of AliEn is not installed
2007-04-13 hristovRoot libraries needed by AliAnalysysGoodies
2007-04-05 cvetanMoving AliTagAnalysis and AliXMLCollection from ESD...
2007-04-05 cvetanAdding the new MUONcalib library (Ivana)
2007-04-04 jgrosseosmall fix to run in PROOF
2007-03-29 panosSmall mods by Andrei
2007-03-26 cvetanAdding libAOD library
2007-03-22 jgrosseoadding proof directory for analysisrl
2007-03-20 hristovAdding HLTbase to the list of libraries
2007-03-20 hristovTAlienCollection::Open returns now TGridCollection
2007-03-14 panosAdding the base task that gives access to the run loader
2007-03-12 hristovRemoving libMUONshuttle
2007-03-11 hristovAdding libMUONshuttle which is needed by libMUONrec
2007-03-07 hristovSplit of the ACORDE libraries (Pedro Gonzalez)
2007-03-07 hristovCorrect propagation of CINT flags
2007-02-28 hristovTemporary fix to compile if Root is compiled without...
2007-02-28 hristovCompilation of AliAnalysisGoodies.cxx only if Root...
2007-02-27 hristov- Renaming fEventNumber (and the associated getters...
2007-02-20 hristovRemoving meaningless const (icc)
2007-02-08 schutzlook for AliAnalysisSelector in ./ANALYSIS/ rather...
2007-02-08 schutzAdd AliAnalysisSelector in ANALYSIS package
2007-02-08 schutzFixing the call to the ctor of AliAnalysisManager
2007-02-07 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 hristovPROOF-aware version of the analysis framework (Andrei)
2007-02-01 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-01-31 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-09 schutzsynchronize with Release
2007-01-08 hristovCorrect definition of the specific package optinons
2007-01-07 schutzcorrection in Alien2Local
2007-01-04 schutzUpdate the Help method
2006-12-20 schutzUpdate from release
2006-12-20 hristovUse the GRID features only if Root was compiled with...
2006-12-18 schutzAdd AliAnalysisGoodies
2006-12-18 schutzAdd AliAnalysisGoodies
2006-12-18 panosModifications for eff. c++ warnings.