Bugfix for the Zero Suppression mode plus fixes of coding violations
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS /
2010-11-14 morschCorrection.
2010-11-13 morschextra ; removed
2010-11-12 agheataremoving .par directory before enabling package in...
2010-11-12 morschCurrent bin consistent with AlMultiEventHandler
2010-11-11 mflorisAliTriggerAnalysis
2010-11-10 jgrosseotypo in previous commit. Sorry.
2010-11-10 jgrosseoBeam type (pp or PbPb) is taken from ESD for the initia...
2010-11-10 jgrosseoupdating physics selection for heavy-ion data
2010-11-10 agheataundid removing directories where par files are extracted
2010-11-09 morschLarger array size for PbPb (R. Arnaldi)
2010-11-09 agheatafixes for uploading/compiling packages in plugin proof...
2010-11-09 morschGlauber files for real data (Alberica)
2010-11-09 morschAdded methods to set/get centrailty from clusters in...
2010-11-08 jjoseServeral Corrections for PAR files
2010-11-05 morschcentrality calibration files for lhc10g2a
2010-11-05 mflorisIncremented classdef
2010-11-05 agheataAdded method AliAnalysisManager::AddStatisticsMsg(...
2010-11-05 mflorisAliTriggerAnalysis: added switch to disable FMD histogr...
2010-11-05 agheataFixed opening of proof file in case of AOD extensions
2010-11-04 morschProtection like in SE (Yaxian Mao)
2010-11-04 morschMartin Valas fast mixing classes.
2010-11-04 agheatafixed leak (background identification object deleted...
2010-11-03 agheatapatch to fix wrong initialization of TOFcalib object
2010-11-02 mflorisAdding layer parameter to SPDFiredChips (0 == both...
2010-11-02 agheataNew version (Mihaela)
2010-11-02 morschRemoved.
2010-11-02 morschTest files in macros onlz
2010-11-02 agheataFix in TOF tender supply (Annalisa)
2010-11-01 morschCorrection.
2010-11-01 morschCentrality AOD added.
2010-11-01 morschConsider physics selection when building the buffer.
2010-11-01 agheataAdded virtual method AliVCuts::GetStatistics(Option_t...
2010-10-31 hristovFixed memory leak (Yves)
2010-10-29 morschCentrality selection task update (A. Toia)
2010-10-29 morschUpdates (A. Toia)
2010-10-29 morschCentrality Task (A. Toia)
2010-10-28 morschUpdates (A. Toia)
2010-10-28 morschCentrality selection macro and test input (A. Toia)
2010-10-28 morschCentrality selection task. (A. Toia)
2010-10-27 morschNew hook needed for fast mixing.
2010-10-27 agheataFixes from Christian related to merging
2010-10-26 agheataA first attempt to make final merging stage on the...
2010-10-26 agheataAllow adding par files in the list of additional libs
2010-10-26 agheataCoverity -unused variable- fix
2010-10-25 morschUpdates according to
2010-10-25 agheataSet run number from alien path in the merging macro...
2010-10-23 akisielFix XML list creation from tag cuts - reset list counte...
2010-10-22 morsch- coding rule violations corrected
2010-10-22 jjoseCorrection in Cmake .pkg files
2010-10-22 hristovAdding new classes
2010-10-21 morschCentrality Analysis
2010-10-21 morsch Add number of points used for dE/dx in TPC to AliAODpid
2010-10-20 hristovFix for bug #74180: Commit and port changes to the...
2010-10-20 jgrosseoupdated bit 16 to 2010 cuts --> default cuts with wide...
2010-10-20 jgrosseoremoving tpc standalone requirement of 2010 default...
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-19 kleinbReset the p_T dependent DCA cuts if an invalid/empty...
2010-10-18 mflorisFixed warning
2010-10-16 hristovFix for bug #74065: Commit and Port AliFileMerger for...
2010-10-15 agheataNew version of filtering macro
2010-10-15 agheataFixeded validation of merging
2010-10-15 agheataAdded posibility to add V0 tender, by default this...
2010-10-14 morschMissing forward declarations added.
2010-10-14 agheataFix for the validation
2010-10-14 morschNew TOF Tender Sussplies (F. Noferini)
2010-10-14 agheataFix from Jens
2010-10-14 morschRemove the original version of the TOF Tender.
2010-10-14 jgrosseochanged dca z cut in 2010 cuts to 2cm (pile up rejection)
2010-10-14 akisielAdd forward declaration for ROOT
2010-10-14 hristovUpdated macros for pass0 (Jacek)
2010-10-12 morschCoverity bugs corrected.
2010-10-11 jgrosseoupdated track cuts for 2010 (from Andrea)
2010-10-11 agheataFix for typo in GetListOfFiles
2010-10-11 agheataFixed double delete.
2010-10-09 morschCoverity errors corrected/avoided.
2010-10-08 agheataUpdated production macros
2010-10-08 agheataAdded buzzer task.
2010-10-08 agheataFixed list of files to be registered, merged, validated.
2010-10-08 mflorisRemoved unnecessary printout
2010-10-07 zampolliFix in kOneTrack trigger selection.
2010-10-04 agheataForgot to increase class version
2010-10-04 agheataAdded new static method AliAnalysisManager::GetRunFromA...
2010-10-01 mflorisFixing destructor for CAF usage
2010-09-30 agheataNew filtering macro. Will serve as analysis macro in...
2010-09-30 agheataFixed overwriting of an AOD extension if a task wants...
2010-09-30 agheataAdded V0 supply in the AddTaskTender.C macro
2010-09-30 agheataCorrected output container number
2010-09-29 agheataSetting the vertex diamond to the ESD (A.Dainese)
2010-09-28 agheataChanges for production mode allowing customization...
2010-09-27 agheataFixed merging macro wrt StartAnalysis("gridterminate").
2010-09-24 agheataFix for using AOD handler in CAF (JF)
2010-09-23 cvetanCorrected calling sequence.
2010-09-23 agheataUpdate added from A.Marin
2010-09-23 agheataNew version of the analysis train macro.
2010-09-17 agheataAdded AliInputEventHandler::SetUserCallSelectionMask...
2010-09-17 mflorisBX filter for fill 1303 (runs 130601-1306640)
2010-09-16 morsch- recalibration of the chamber gain
2010-09-16 hristovCorrected library order + fixes needed to compile stati...
2010-09-15 mflorisModifications to the computation of residul background...
2010-09-15 agheataAdded SetNworkersPerSlave() and SetProofConnectGrid...