Added fit macro from M. Putis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS /
2011-01-26 mvalaFixes from Coverity(15969,15968,15967,15964,15963,15962...
2011-01-25 mvalaPort of new Event Mixing implementation
2011-01-25 agheatanew filtering macros for data and MC
2011-01-24 morschenum symbols for processes instead of litteral constants.
2011-01-24 morschfix inconsistency in the V0 linearization
2011-01-24 agheataFix for Coverity #17424
2011-01-24 agheataFixed Coverity 17449
2011-01-24 agheataFix for submitting merging for several runs
2011-01-23 morschCoverity corrections.
2011-01-23 kleinbAdded option to enable writing of TPC only AOD tracks...
2011-01-23 kleinbSet status flag for TPC only tracks
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 10664
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 10282
2011-01-21 jgrosseoreverting previous commit
2011-01-21 morschNew method UserExecMixed
2011-01-21 jgrosseochanging duplicated filename (EventStat --> Centrality)
2011-01-21 jgrosseochanging cout to fatal
2011-01-21 agheataa warning is posted if the output directory in alien...
2011-01-20 morschModification of the ESDfiltering to set from the Analys...
2011-01-19 wiechulaUpdate of TPC and TOF tender supplies
2011-01-19 agheatachanged default value for run prefix to %d
2011-01-18 mvalaFixed fMCEventHandler when AliMultiInputEventHandler...
2011-01-18 mflorisAliTriggerAnalisys:
2011-01-18 morschConsistency of Filter and Tender restored (D. Caffarri)
2011-01-18 hristovFixed creation of par files (:aurent)
2011-01-17 jgrosseoupdate to use getter for OADB path
2011-01-17 jgrosseoproof package support for OADB
2011-01-17 agheatapipe support for the error bar (C.Holm), minor fix...
2011-01-17 jgrosseoinitialize track cuts only once in getrefmultiplicity
2011-01-17 jgrosseofix for the case of merging older files
2011-01-16 hristovPartial restoration of the par file functionallity
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 morschBug fixes.
2011-01-14 kleinbAdd setting of status flag for TPConly tracks constrain...
2011-01-14 morschAddTask was missing.
2011-01-13 morschCorrected run ranges.
2011-01-13 morschCleanup of name confusion in 44819
2011-01-13 morschDefault path changes.
2011-01-13 morschAliMultiInputEventHandler added and used in AliAnalysis...
2011-01-12 morschSetter for directory
2011-01-12 agheataImproved progress bar version from Christian Holm
2011-01-11 hristovRemoving obsolete/dead code
2011-01-07 agheata.stat file added in the correct place in the jdl
2011-01-06 agheataMoved vertex cuts outside the track loop (A.Palaha)
2011-01-06 agheataAdded method mgr->AddStatisticsTask(offlineMask) that...
2011-01-05 morschInformation for TOF resolution added.
2011-01-05 agheatafixed circular dependency for AliAnalysisTaskStat
2011-01-04 kleinboptional threshold for TPC track constraint
2011-01-04 morschFix for inproper merging of some components.
2011-01-03 morschAliCentrality for ESD and AOD analysis
2010-12-21 agheataFixes in the command to submit merging
2010-12-21 agheatachanges for merging in production mode
2010-12-20 agheataSome fixes for the mode w/o auto branch loading
2010-12-20 agheatanew method mgr->AddStatisticsTask() that adds a special...
2010-12-20 agheatanew class AliAnalysisStatistics that collects statistic...
2010-12-17 morschObsolete.
2010-12-17 morschUpdated file (Alberica)
2010-12-17 morschUpdated file. (Alberica)
2010-12-17 morschObsolete files removed.
2010-12-17 agheataCreated new temporary namespace AliESDUtils to hold...
2010-12-16 cvetanAdded raw V0 amplitude for QA purposes (Alberica).
2010-12-16 cvetanRestoring previous fixes that were lost during one...
2010-12-15 agheataEvent tag is available during UserExec via EventTag...
2010-12-13 morschHisto range corrected. (Alberica)
2010-12-13 agheataSetRunPrefix can take now also a format like %09d
2010-12-11 morsch 3 new histos.
2010-12-10 agheataupdated version of the AliCentralitySelectionTask with...
2010-12-10 agheatafixes in the centrality task
2010-12-10 agheatanew AddTaskCentrality putting the centrality output...
2010-12-10 agheatanew centrality files (Alberica)
2010-12-10 agheataNew version of the centrality task (Alberica)
2010-12-10 agheataNew directory examples added, together with the first...
2010-12-09 jgrosseofix to skip events in case of IO errors
2010-12-07 kleinbAdding possibility to store TPC tracks propagated to...
2010-12-02 mflorisFixing bug in replay of offline HighMult trigger
2010-11-30 mflorisImplemented ZDC time cut in phsyics selection and in...
2010-11-30 cvetanSome corrections to the correct and rescaled V0 amplitude.
2010-11-29 morschNew centrality file. (Alberica)
2010-11-28 mflorisIncreased size of collection in Merge and protected...
2010-11-26 morschNew centrality files. (A. Toia)
2010-11-25 cvetanAdding ZDC timing cut to the AliTriggerAnalysis class...
2010-11-25 morschV0 and SPD linearisation (A. Toia)
2010-11-24 jgrosseoadding support for CMBACS2 trigger scheme and high...
2010-11-24 mflorisImplemented ZDCTDC trigger for MC
2010-11-23 jgrosseofixing bug in par file creation when package name was...
2010-11-22 agheataPrepend . to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in all generated scripts
2010-11-22 agheataA task can now declare the list of input branches that...
2010-11-19 morschNew centrality files. (Alberica)
2010-11-19 kleinbSetting centrality in the AOD header
2010-11-19 morschCorrections Ch. Kleinn-Boesing
2010-11-19 morschModifications from Jochen Thaeder
2010-11-17 agheataSuggestion given if the output object cannot be made...
2010-11-17 morschNew runs. (A. Toia)
2010-11-16 agheatanew version of par file for enabling ProofLite
2010-11-16 morschNew centrality file (Alberica)
2010-11-16 morschUpdates. (alberica)
2010-11-15 agheatain test mode enable packages enabling client compilation
2010-11-14 morschCorrection.
2010-11-13 morschextra ; removed
2010-11-12 agheataremoving .par directory before enabling package in...