Fix for multiple events per file: inhibit decrease of size of fParticleFileMap.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / AliGeant4 /
2001-02-13 ivanaadded initialization of local variable version in Gener...
2001-02-13 ivanaTG3Attribute renaming commented
2001-02-13 ivanamajor upgrade of the category described
2001-02-13 ivanamoving TG4G3Cut/Control, TG4G3Cut/ControlVector from...
2001-02-13 ivanaremoved options ALICE_STACKING, ALICE_EMPTY_PHYSICS_LIST
2001-02-13 ivanaupdated to renaming of TG3Units
2001-02-13 ivanaremoved options ALICE_STACKING, ALICE_EMPTY_PHYSICS_LIS...
2001-02-13 ivanaadded test to kDoneBit in GenerateAliGeneratorPrimaries()
2001-02-08 ivanasyntax correction
2001-02-07 ivanaInitial version
2001-02-07 ivanainitial version
2001-02-07 ivanaupdated for changes in AliTrackingAction
2001-02-07 ivanafParticlesArray removed (its usage replaced with calls...
2001-02-07 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C
2001-02-07 ivanaTG4SteppingAction update commented
2001-02-07 ivanaAliPrimaryGeneratorAction update commented
2001-02-07 ivanaAliTracking/SteppingAction update commented
2001-02-07 ivanadirect usage of AliRun::fParticles replaced with calls...
2001-02-07 ivanacheck for max number of steps moved to TG4SteppingAction
2001-02-07 ivanaonly output from EndOfRunAction modified
2001-02-07 ivanafParticlesArray removed (its usage replaced with calls...
2001-02-07 ivanaupdated to AliTrackingAction changes; removed settings...
2001-02-07 ivanaupdated default versions of detectors
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2001-01-25 ivanaCLHEP version changed to
2001-01-25 ivanaswitched on detes changed back to ALL (from RICH commit...
2001-01-25 ivanatrackInfoAllocator renamed to gAliTrackInfoAllocator...
2001-01-25 ivanafor loop variable declaration corrected (required by HP)
2001-01-25 ivanaonly comments added
2001-01-24 hristovMinor corrections
2001-01-24 ivanaInitial version
2001-01-24 ivanaupdated description of files and commands
2001-01-24 ivanaset PHOT process uncommented
2001-01-24 ivanaremoved FillDigitsHistogram() function (no hits have...
2001-01-23 ivanafFiles attribute, methods SetConfigName(), SetG3CallsNa...
2001-01-23 ivanamajor change of AliFiles class described
2001-01-23 ivanafixed date (in header) replaced with java script
2001-01-23 ivanaadded CLHEP path to SHLIBVAR
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure(); updated...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure()
2001-01-23 ivanafConfigCmd attribute (command: setConfig) added
2001-01-23 ivana/aliRun/setConfig command added
2001-01-23 ivanafFiles attribute, methods SetConfigName(), SetG3CallsNa...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure()
2001-01-23 ivanaPPR added to the detectors candidates list
2001-01-23 ivanaupdated for AliFiles changes; new method SwitchDetOnPPR...
2001-01-23 ivananew method SwitchDetOnPPR() added
2001-01-23 ivanamajor modification of the whole class (see doc/history...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded PPR versions to teh detector switches; in CheckDe...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded fPPRVersion attribute and its getter/setter
2000-12-22 ivanaadded THijing, CONTAINERS categories
2000-12-21 ivananumber of primary particles changed to 500
2000-12-21 ivanaput back switchOff RICH; removed forceAllSensitive...
2000-12-21 ivanaadded THijing, CONTAINERS categories
2000-12-21 ivanatag Release-3-04 commented
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated excluded detectors: to CASTOR, ZDC
2000-12-21 ivanaremoved switchOff RICH
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated for TG4PhysicsManager change
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated for AliTrackingAction change
2000-12-20 ivanaremoved unneeded include
2000-12-20 ivanaInitial version
2000-12-20 ivanaa new class TG4GeometryServices commented
2000-12-20 ivananew subcategory interfaces commented
2000-12-20 ivanaadded subcategory interfaces to CATLIST
2000-12-20 ivanaSaveParticle: setting of production process to TParticl...
2000-12-20 ivanaremoved processName argument from SaveParticle()
2000-12-20 ivanaTG4GeometryManager usage replaced with TG4GeometryServices
2000-12-20 ivanachanged default fForceAllLVSensitive value to true...
2000-12-18 ivanaupdated the version of START to 1
2000-12-18 ivanaZDC switched off (used not yet supported division of...
2000-12-18 ivanaadded calls to AliRun::Pre/PostTrack
2000-12-18 ivanaadded missing class G4TrackStack forward declaration
2000-12-18 ivanaadded Initialize() method; added call to AliMCQA::StepM...
2000-12-18 ivanaadded fModuleID, fMCQA attributes; Initialize() method
2000-12-18 ivanaupdated the default version of START to 1
2000-11-30 ivanaremoved unnecessary includes
2000-11-27 ivanatags T/AliGeant4-3-02__ar-25-10-00__g4-2-0 commented
2000-11-22 ivanacommand: forceAllSensitive added
2000-11-22 ivanafForceAllSensitiveCmd added
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive - if set, all LV are made...
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive; SetForceAllLVSensitive()
2000-11-22 ivanaInitial version
2000-11-22 ivanauncommented setAllSensitive true
2000-11-22 ivanaadded comment line with cvs Id
2000-11-22 ivanaremoved switchOff for ZDC, MUON; added setHadron (comme...
2000-11-22 ivananew TG4_DEBUG environment variable commented
2000-11-22 ivanaClassifyNewTrack(): for all neutrinos set fKill status
2000-11-22 ivanaremoved fModule->SetIshunt(shunt) from UserProcessHits()
2000-11-22 ivanacorrection in Construct(): call to AliModule::BuildGeom...
2000-11-02 ivanaall defined commands moved to base AliModulesCompositio...
2000-11-02 ivanauncommented loading libZDC
2000-11-02 ivanacorrected Construct()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded Configure(); corrected Construct()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded Configure()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded printMatrials, generateXML commands
2000-11-02 ivanaadded PrintMaterials(), GenerateXMLGeometry(); correcti...
2000-11-02 ivanaadded PrintMaterials(), GenerateXMLGeometry()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded test of verbose level to timer print
2000-10-24 ivanaadded fTrackCounter (counts all processed tracks)
2000-10-24 ivanaadded unit to energy deposit