the MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / AliGeant4 /
2000-11-30 ivanaremoved unnecessary includes
2000-11-27 ivanatags T/AliGeant4-3-02__ar-25-10-00__g4-2-0 commented
2000-11-22 ivanacommand: forceAllSensitive added
2000-11-22 ivanafForceAllSensitiveCmd added
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive - if set, all LV are made...
2000-11-22 ivanaadded fForceAllLVSensitive; SetForceAllLVSensitive()
2000-11-22 ivanaInitial version
2000-11-22 ivanauncommented setAllSensitive true
2000-11-22 ivanaadded comment line with cvs Id
2000-11-22 ivanaremoved switchOff for ZDC, MUON; added setHadron (comme...
2000-11-22 ivananew TG4_DEBUG environment variable commented
2000-11-22 ivanaClassifyNewTrack(): for all neutrinos set fKill status
2000-11-22 ivanaremoved fModule->SetIshunt(shunt) from UserProcessHits()
2000-11-22 ivanacorrection in Construct(): call to AliModule::BuildGeom...
2000-11-02 ivanaall defined commands moved to base AliModulesCompositio...
2000-11-02 ivanauncommented loading libZDC
2000-11-02 ivanacorrected Construct()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded Configure(); corrected Construct()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded Configure()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded printMatrials, generateXML commands
2000-11-02 ivanaadded PrintMaterials(), GenerateXMLGeometry(); correcti...
2000-11-02 ivanaadded PrintMaterials(), GenerateXMLGeometry()
2000-11-02 ivanaadded test of verbose level to timer print
2000-10-24 ivanaadded fTrackCounter (counts all processed tracks)
2000-10-24 ivanaadded unit to energy deposit
2000-10-24 ivanaadded initialization fNofLVWithSD
2000-10-24 ivanaadded fTimer, printing of total number of tracks processed
2000-10-24 ivanaadded fTimer
2000-10-24 ivanaremoved old commented lines only
2000-10-11 ivanacorections in XML implementation described
2000-10-10 ivanamissing include added
2000-10-10 ivanacreating mag. field moved from constructor to SetMagField()
2000-10-09 ivanamajor upgrade of TG4StepManager and related classes...
2000-10-09 ivanaadded call to TG4GeometryManager to CloseOutFile()...
2000-10-09 ivanaadded call to TG4GeometryManager to CloseOutFile()
2000-10-09 ivanaupdated for major upgrade of TG4StepManager (more in...
2000-10-02 ivanaadded missing include
2000-10-02 ivanacomment about deleting det switch objects added
2000-09-23 ivanaInitial version
2000-09-23 ivanatest for number of steps added
2000-09-23 ivanaconst kMaxNofSteps added
2000-09-23 ivanaupdated for mod in TG4StepManager
2000-09-23 ivanaadded additional call to AliDetector::StepManager when...
2000-09-23 ivanaversion 1 uncommented
2000-09-23 ivanaupdated nof available versions for START (1->2)
2000-09-18 ivanaCLHEP version set explicitely to
2000-09-13 ivanatags T/AliGeant4-3-01__ar-12-9-00__g4-2-0 commented
2000-09-12 ivanacorrected redefining of G4VisAttributes
2000-09-12 ivanaimplementation AppendNumberToString() replaced with...
2000-09-11 ivanaupdated for change to Pythia6
2000-08-28 ivanaadded OSF1 and SunOS systems support; removed obsolete...
2000-08-28 ivanatemporarily excluded Root dictionary generation for...
2000-08-23 ivanapassing boolean values in SetNewValue() corrected
2000-08-23 ivanacalls to non-existent constructor of G4isAttributes...
2000-07-28 ivanaadding of new classes for generating XML geometry descr...
2000-07-28 ivanarearranged into two parts: 1) implementation in Geant4...
2000-07-25 ivanaadded AliRoot categories to HTML generating
2000-07-25 ivanaadded protection for loading the same macro twice
2000-07-25 ivanaupdated for geant4.2.0 makefiles
2000-07-25 ivanauncommented AliRoot categories; updated links to main...
2000-07-25 ivanaadded linking of History files
2000-07-25 ivanaexcluded .h files (cause ddl2html error)
2000-07-25 ivanaadded AliRoot categories to HTML generating
2000-07-25 ivanafModuleConstructionVector type changed to vector of...
2000-07-25 ivanaremoved unneeded system include
2000-07-25 ivanaIS0/ANSI standard corrections: added G4std::, changed...
2000-07-17 ivanatag Release-3-03 commented
2000-07-17 ivanachanged destructor to virtual
2000-07-17 ivanarenamed static data members (change of coding conventions)
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved rehash
2000-07-13 ivanaextended exception output in FindAliModule()
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved obsolete comments only
2000-07-13 ivanatemporarily excluded MUON, FMD
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved excluding of PHOS
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for renaming in AliRun (Keep_Bit cont)
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C and new versions of...
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C and new versions of...
2000-07-12 ivanaadded hijing libraries to LIBS
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated nof versions and default versions for some...
2000-07-12 ivanacorrected ordering of libraries (required by HP)
2000-07-12 ivanaremoved G4NO_STD_NAMESPACE setting, changed OGLHOME
2000-07-03 ivanachanged tag name (to be accepted by cvs)
2000-07-03 ivanamoving to AliRoot and tag al-3-00__ar-3-7-00__g4-1...
2000-07-03 ivanaadded new function g4libs() with a call either to g4lib...
2000-07-03 ivanatemporarily excluded PHOS
2000-07-03 ivanachanged default to native STL, updated OGLHOME - both...
2000-07-02 ivanacorrections for HP-UX (find usage)
2000-07-02 ivanaadded clean target, TOCLEAN corrected
2000-07-02 ivanacorrected includes from g4std
2000-06-29 ivanaInitial version
2000-06-29 ivanaremoved rule for dummy arguments; added rule for virtua...
2000-06-29 ivanaupdated for moving to AliRoot
2000-06-29 ivanaTARGET filtered out from SRCS (aligeant4 is not put...
2000-06-29 ivanaremoved setting of default value of magnetic field
2000-06-29 ivanaadded test for existence of fMagneticField in SetMagField()
2000-06-29 ivanaadded SetDetectorField(this) to global field manager...
2000-06-29 ivanachanged step point size in DisplayEvent()
2000-06-21 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...