fix bugs add new features
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-04-17 hristovCorrected compilation options
2014-03-27 rgrossoForce caching of the CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR variable
2014-03-27 mvlAdd FASTJET package definition/finding macro for genera...
2014-03-27 agrigoraUsing CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX instead of ALICE_INSTALL...
2014-03-14 rgrossoForce caching of the CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR variable
2014-03-13 mvlAdd FASTJET package definition/finding macro for genera...
2014-03-12 agrigoraUsing CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX instead of ALICE_INSTALL...
2014-02-21 hristovAdding -lssl
2014-02-19 allachanges for FIT
2014-02-11 agrigoragenerating alimdc rpm configuration file from CMake
2014-01-15 hristovNew detector AD
2013-12-19 agrigoraSet the revision only if tag
2013-12-16 Alina - remove some CMake (2.8.12) warnings from the build
2013-12-05 AlinaExtracting Branch and Revision from Git.
2013-12-04 Andreas MorschAdd STARLIGHT package
2013-10-16 hristovEvent server (Mihai)
2013-10-09 rgrossoReordering
2013-10-09 rgrossoReordering, so that ALICE_INSTALL is set also in case...
2013-10-09 rgrossoremove the -ansi flag and prevent install dir to equal...
2013-05-08 hristovPatch for using git clone (Matthias)
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2012-08-07 hristovCompilation of TEvtGen
2012-08-01 shahoianThe local CMakeList.txt files will not be regenerated...
2012-07-06 hristovChange for #95756: put Vc package to aliroot
2012-03-07 hristovAdditiuonal libraries needed for the RPM creation
2012-02-25 hristovFixes for #86059: Install data when ALICE_ROOT does...
2012-02-01 hristovTransition PWG2/EVCHAR -> PWGPP
2012-01-31 hristovTransition PWG0 -> PWGUD
2012-01-26 hristovRemoving PWG4
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG3/base -> PWGDQ/base
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG2/DIFFRACTIVE --> PWGUD/DIFFRACTIVE
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTasks -> PWGJE and PWG4/totET -...
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTaske -> PWGJE
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3/dielectron --> PWGDQ/dielectron
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG4 --> PWGGA
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3 --> PWGHF
2012-01-18 jgrosseomoving files from PWG4 to PWGCF
2012-01-11 hristovMoving PWG1 to PWGPP
2011-11-07 anshul.goelFixes for DA
2011-10-22 hristovFixed typo (Yuri)
2011-10-20 hristovAdding the new detector MFT (Antonio Uras)
2011-08-23 hristovReplacing - by . in the AliRoot versions used in the...
2011-07-11 hristovBug fix
2011-07-11 hristovalimdc-rpm target (Anshul)
2011-06-30 hristovFix for #83795: Install files in data too
2011-06-06 hristovRestoring the generation of HTML documentation (Natalia...
2011-03-06 hristovRemoving obslete module LHC
2011-02-25 fcaALICE_INSTALL should not point to build dir
2011-02-23 hristovRequested CMake version >= 2.8.4
2011-02-15 fcaIntroduce smell generator plus some small fixes
2011-02-14 fcaImprovements in cmake functionality
2011-02-05 hristovProtection if the rule checker is not found
2011-02-04 fcaFirst step for rulechecker -- not working yet
2011-02-01 hristovRemoving obsolete package
2011-01-27 hristovRemoving obsolete module
2011-01-27 hristovPropagate DIMDIR/ODIR from the environment (needed...
2011-01-19 hristovFixed striong (Svein)
2011-01-18 hristovPossibility to use git-svn in the creation of ARVersion...
2011-01-18 hristovSetting ALICE_INSTALL from the environment variable
2011-01-14 hristovAdding OADB to CMake
2011-01-14 hristovFixed install target
2010-11-09 jjoseFix for FindRuleChecker, few pkgs, updated readme,...
2010-11-08 jjoseServeral Corrections for PAR files
2010-11-08 jjoseAdded par targets
2010-11-05 jjoseIntegrated New Rule Checker with the CMake Build
2010-10-25 jjoseFix for DA
2010-10-22 jjoseFixed a bug with finding svn repository thru a symlink...
2010-10-22 jjoseAdded alimdc-static target
2010-10-22 jjoseChanged names of static libraries, targets and updated...
2010-10-21 hristovSet of fixes for the DA + updated documentation (Johny)
2010-10-21 jjoseCmake looks for modules in source directory
2010-10-20 jjoseFixed a bug that causes MICROCERN build to fail
2010-10-20 jjoseFixed cmake Detector Algorithms
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-09-20 hristovFixed static build, update rulechecker (Johny)
2010-08-31 jjoseFixes for sub-project submissions. Subprojects can...
2010-08-26 jjosefix for mac
2010-08-26 jjoseImplemented subproject division
2010-08-25 jjoseTweaks
2010-08-25 jjoseCmake generated makefiles are now silent. If u need...
2010-08-24 jjosesuppressed ROOT warnings while building
2010-08-24 jjosecleanup
2010-08-24 jjoseFixed a bug which caused build to fail on systems with...
2010-08-24 jjoseUpdated cmake readme file
2010-08-24 jjoseFixed some bugs with cmakelists. Added more tests.
2010-08-17 jjoseadded gun, ppbench tests, and warnings and coding coven...
2010-08-17 jjoseAdding basic testing
2010-08-16 jjoseFixed errors in cmake build system
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-03-17 hristovAdding EPOS and TUHKMgen
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-11-13 fcaNo more Isajet
2008-10-29 hristovCorrect treatment of slashes
2008-10-26 hristovCheck if readlink is available
2008-10-16 hristovSolving problem with symbolic links
2008-10-14 fcaUpdating CMake files
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake