updated macros for Kaon Femto analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CORRFW / AliCFGridSparse.h
2010-12-09 rvernetcleanup of projection and slice functions
2010-11-02 rvernetEnabled smoothing of AliCFContainer & AliCFGridSparse
2010-03-27 rvernetfix of memory potential leak
2009-11-03 rvernetadded functions to define uniform axis binning
2009-10-02 rvernetAdded projection with axis range defined from bin numbers
2009-07-27 rvernetbug fix. thanks to Axel Naumann.
2009-07-10 rvernetSimplification of container and grid classes.
2009-05-05 rvernetcorrection for slices in AliCFContainer ; simplificatio...
2009-02-06 rvernetAdded new functionalities for projections and slices.
2008-10-14 rvernetImplemented AliCFContainer::ShowSlice and AliCFGridSpar...
2008-02-15 arcelliadd Rebin(...) method, set the dimensionality of some...
2008-01-24 arcellifinal updates and fixups in the container classes
2008-01-21 arcellifurther mods to include AliCFGridSparse, now included...