Version where the process for HLT and vdrift on DAQ are off(Raphaelle)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CORRFW / AliCFUnfolding.cxx
2014-04-25 rbailhacfixing the errors
2014-01-20 morsch Bug fix in the stat. error calculation of the unfolded...
2012-02-24 rvernetremoved warning
2012-02-24 rvernetreverted change in l. 573
2012-02-24 hristovCoverity 18260 solved by non-implemented private copy...
2012-02-20 rvernetsupport for efficiency and response error propagation
2012-02-16 rvernetSupport for correlated error calculation in N-dimension...
2011-04-11 rvernetcoverity
2011-03-15 rvernetcoverity
2011-01-21 rvernetAdded correlated error calculation (instead of gaussian...
2010-11-02 rvernetEnabled smoothing of AliCFContainer & AliCFGridSparse
2010-10-11 rvernetfixed error calculation (thanks to Christian KB)
2009-07-08 rvernetadded comments
2009-06-10 rvernetchange chi2 calculation + minor changes
2009-04-21 rvernetmore documentation + minor corrections
2009-04-16 rvernet+ smoothing using a fit function
2009-04-08 rvernetNew class to handle multi-dimensional unfolding + user...