Bug fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CORRFW /
2009-11-23 rvernetadded function Print
2009-11-23 ikrausprotection for mc tracks added
2009-11-23 rvernetfixed case when cut list is not defined (M. Floris)
2009-11-23 rvernetfixed warning
2009-11-23 rvernetadded Save function (X. Lopez)
2009-11-20 rvernetadditional cuts for AOD (Ingrid)
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 rvernetcorrected warnings
2009-11-04 rvernetchanged way of setting event info in AliCFManager and...
2009-11-04 rvernetprotection for string length in container name
2009-11-03 rvernetadded functions to define uniform axis binning
2009-10-15 ikrausaod protection added, bug fix in 2d dca cut
2009-10-15 ikrausunused variable removed
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-02 rvernetAdded projection with axis range defined from bin numbers
2009-09-25 rvernetworkaround for bug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index...
2009-09-25 rvernetAliCFEffGrid : corrected bin limits in constructor
2009-09-02 morschCast to AliMCParticle* needed with new implementation...
2009-08-21 rvernetfix for valgrind (m. tadel)
2009-08-11 ikrauserror message added
2009-08-11 ikrausbug fix: data member of AliCFTrackIsPrimaryCuts changed...
2009-07-27 rvernetbug fix. thanks to Axel Naumann.
2009-07-22 ikrausbug fix: call of not yet implemented function removed
2009-07-21 ikrauscut class prepared to remove cut duplication, wait...
2009-07-16 ikrausadded option to calculate dca relative to TPC vertex
2009-07-15 ikraushistogram binning changed, bug fixed
2009-07-10 rvernetSimplification of container and grid classes.
2009-07-10 ikrausadded cut and QA histogram on production vertex in...
2009-07-09 ikrausTRD binning changed on expert's request
2009-07-08 rvernetadded comments
2009-06-23 rvernetadded a few comments
2009-06-10 rvernetchange chi2 calculation + minor changes
2009-05-14 rvernetadded function MakeSlice + fixed projection
2009-05-06 rvernetcorrected error introduced in last commit (2009-05-05)
2009-05-05 rvernetcorrection for slices in AliCFContainer ; simplificatio...
2009-04-30 rvernetsimplified efficiency projection
2009-04-29 rvernetcorrected mistake in string
2009-04-29 rvernetsimplified pair cuts : pair cut settings now have to...
2009-04-21 rvernetmore documentation + minor corrections
2009-04-17 rvernetFloat_t -> Double_t in projection for axis consistency...
2009-04-16 rvernet+ smoothing using a fit function
2009-04-08 hristovUpdated list of files (cmake)
2009-04-08 rvernetNew class to handle multi-dimensional unfolding + user...
2009-04-08 rvernetcoding conventions
2009-04-06 rvernetAdditional cuts on TPC and TRD quantities.
2009-04-06 rvernetcorrected bad default constructor (A. Gheata)
2009-04-03 rvernetAliCFMuonResTask1.C :
2009-04-02 rvernetAdded option for possible gaussian (Sumw2) error propag...
2009-04-01 rvernetadded warning in SetElement (comment from P. Rosnet)
2009-04-01 rvernetUpdate on decay channel : consider also anti-particle...
2009-03-30 rvernetvertex from tracks
2009-03-30 rvernetdependence on ANALYSISalice
2009-03-30 rvernetAdded minimum probability threshold for PID
2009-03-17 fcaFix effc++ warning
2009-03-16 rvernetextended by cuts on min / max absolute and relative...
2009-03-15 rvernetadded function AliCFContainer::MakeSlice reading user...
2009-03-11 rvernetAdded SetMassHypothesis(massNeg,massPos)
2009-03-06 rvernetAdded TRD for the most basic operations (# of clusters...
2009-03-06 rvernetAdded cut on # of contributors + vertex TPC
2009-02-17 rvernetConserve the container axis ranges in Projection
2009-02-13 rvernetMore explanation on the use of the MakeSlice function.
2009-02-13 rvernetmacros adapted to the change introduced in the analysis...
2009-02-13 rvernetordering sign of muons from MC
2009-02-12 rvernetupdate on muon resonance task
2009-02-11 rvernetfirst template task for muons
2009-02-06 rvernetAdded new functionalities for projections and slices.
2008-12-03 rvernetAdded possibility to cut on absolute PDG.
2008-11-13 fcaMore on char constness
2008-11-06 rvernetFix for possible use of AliCFManager without containers...
2008-11-04 rvernetAdded support for MC in AOD (AliAODMCParticle).
2008-10-22 rvernetCorrected streaming problem.
2008-10-14 rvernetImplemented AliCFContainer::ShowSlice and AliCFGridSpar...
2008-10-13 amastrosQA histo names modification
2008-10-13 rvernetspecial file for container configuration
2008-10-08 rvernetremoved maximum number of steps in particle and event...
2008-08-30 hristovCompilation on Windoiws/Cygwin
2008-08-27 amastrosCode revisited after debugging.
2008-08-26 rvernetSupport for AOD in example tasks and macros.
2008-08-25 rvernetAOD support for track pairs.
2008-08-25 rvernetadded AOD support for single tracks ; refit flags repla...
2008-08-15 rvernetRemoved (unnecessary) AliTPCTrack dependence.
2008-08-01 rvernetMade these classes derive from AliCFGridSparse.
2008-08-01 rvernetAliCFContainer now based on THnSparse by default.
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-07-16 amastrossome methods moved from public to provate
2008-07-15 rvernetAdded support for AOD
2008-07-15 rvernetLooser default cut values.
2008-07-15 rvernetAdded support for AOD and TPC-only tracks.
2008-06-12 rvernetAdded support for decay channel.
2008-06-12 rvernetUse rapidity instead of eta at MC level.
2008-06-06 rvernetStreamable data members required for PROOF.
2008-06-03 ikrausBug fixed in member function SelectionBitMap, before...
2008-05-27 rvernetAdded an array containing values of variables to cut...
2008-05-22 fcaWarnings fixed
2008-05-21 rvernetCorrection of warnings in ::Slice()
2008-05-19 rvernetCorrection for compliance with new AliRsnDaughter
2008-05-19 rvernetCorrected error on PDG code checking with absolute...
2008-05-19 rvernetUpdated for new QA scheme
2008-05-19 rvernetMinor change: printf -> AliDebug
2008-05-18 rvernetCompliance with AliAnalysisTaskSE ; upgraded support...