Mostly minor style modifications to be ready for cloning with EMCAL
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CRT /
2002-07-26 gamezCRT3 volume taken as sensitive volume
2002-07-25 gamezVariables renamed to avoid floating exceptions
2002-07-25 morschAddHit call only if hit has been defined.
2002-07-12 gamezDivision of CRT1 corrected
2002-07-12 gamezMaterial numbers, correction
2002-07-10 gamezRemoved old ACORDE configuration
2002-07-10 gamezAvoid warnings for private method
2002-07-10 gamezCreateHall() removed, and new Molasse volumes
2002-07-10 gamezCreateHall() removed
2002-07-10 gamezMolasse redefinition
2002-07-09 hristovOld style include files needed on HP (aCC)
2002-07-01 hristovNames for headers from the implementation files
2002-06-16 hristovFirst version of CRT