Modified plots and made jet finder use SDigits
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EMCAL / AliEMCALJetFinderPlots.cxx
2004-05-18 mhornerModified plots and made jet finder use SDigits
2004-04-23 mhornerfixed a sign
2004-04-22 mhornerMore plots
2004-04-13 mhornerMore plots and neatening
2004-04-10 mhornerMore hists
2004-04-08 mhornerAdditional plots
2004-03-26 mhornerCorrected incorrect jet reference - applicable region...
2004-03-26 mhornerAdded a region of applicability check for the jets
2004-03-17 mhornerAdded plots
2004-01-21 mhornerCleaning up coding conventions
2004-01-21 mhornerFixed names of histograms
2003-12-11 mhornercorrected histogram details
2003-09-23 mhornerChanged coordinate system
2003-07-18 mhornerAdded new plots, fixed memory leak and some bugs
2003-07-16 hristovBug fixes. Log replaced by Id
2003-07-15 schutzAdded the Jetfinder classes