Fix Coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EMCAL / AliEMCALQAChecker.cxx
2011-12-02 dsilvermattempt to address remaining coverity issues - all...
2011-12-01 dsilvermcoverity and RuleChecker viol fixes
2011-11-29 dsilvermattempt to address RuleChecker reports re. comments etc
2011-11-21 dsilvermattempt to address new coverity reports for AliCalo...
2011-11-12 gconesabFix memory leak in QA checker, by Ruben
2011-03-05 hristovFix for Coverity 16288: BAD_FREE
2011-03-03 dsilvermupdate from Francesco Blanco - DQM/QA checker: from...
2010-10-01 gconesabCoverity corrections
2010-06-29 dsilvermQA updates from Yaxian
2010-05-11 gconesabpatch for QA
2010-05-02 dsilvermQA update from Yaxian
2010-05-01 fcaCorrections for QA
2010-04-30 hristovUpdated checking and display for AMORE (Yves)
2010-04-13 dsilvermBarth and Yaxian: fix to avoid generic EMC QA gui crashes
2010-02-26 gconesabMove CaloFitter classes from rec lib to Utils lib,...
2009-12-02 fcaFixing bug #57328
2009-11-20 gconesabwarnings removed
2009-11-15 gconesabcorrect to make it work on amore agent (Yaxian)
2009-11-14 gconesabCorrect problem in pp and PbPb bench, add comments
2009-11-10 gconesabChanges required in QA for the amoreQAshifter agent...
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2008-07-04 hristovRemoving the assign operator (Yves)
2008-05-16 jklayadding EMCAL QA classes