- synchronized the overlay macro to the changes of the drawing one
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EMCAL /
2011-04-13 hristovChanges for #80800 following bugs #80687: commit to...
2011-04-12 gconesabIn case geometry matrices are set via SetMatrixAlign...
2011-04-09 loizidesCoverty fix
2011-04-08 guernaneSTU raw data decoder updates to account for new STU...
2011-04-07 loizidescheck if calo ped is zero
2011-03-31 philleCosmetics
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete code
2011-03-31 philleRefactoring: Swiss army-knife class AliEMCALRawUtil...
2011-03-31 philleRefactoring: Functions related to the shaper response
2011-03-31 philleUncomment lines that was commented out by mistake ...
2011-03-31 phillecoverity
2011-03-31 philleCoding conventions
2011-03-31 gconesabAllow track matching to be redone at analysis level
2011-03-31 hristovVerbose printout commented out
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete classes AliCaloRawAnalyzerLMS and
2011-03-31 philleCoding conventions
2011-03-30 phillereverting coverity fix
2011-03-29 philleWarnings
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: removal of dead code, and some cosmetics
2011-03-29 philleCleanup: removal of dead code, and unecessary comments
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Removal of dead code, making
2011-03-29 philleBug fix: The fitting algorithm variable was not initial...
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics && removal of dead code
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Code triplication various class memeber...
2011-03-29 philleAdded new class needed for refactoring of the
2011-03-29 philleAdded protection if the OCDB is allready initialized
2011-03-28 gconesabcorrect wrong variable name
2011-03-28 gconesabadapt TFF geometry frame to more than 4 SM
2011-03-28 gconesabcoverity 2
2011-03-27 gconesabremove print, correct lines alignment
2011-03-26 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-25 gconesabcoverity+coding violations, Rachid
2011-03-25 gconesabcoverity+coding violations, Rachid
2011-03-25 dsilvermupdate to work with current trunk
2011-03-25 hristov Factorization of the different raw fitting algorithms...
2011-03-23 loizidesa) Implemented energy threshold on cells to be assigned...
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-22 gconesabcoverity fix for TFF geometry method
2011-03-16 loizidesincrease array to cope with pbpb
2011-03-09 loizidesIntroduced "void AliEMCALClusterizer::SetJustClusters...
2011-03-09 loizidesAdded function to make relative calibration objects
2011-03-08 loizidesFill tree only if requested (of course this continues...
2011-03-08 loizidesFill tree only if requested (of course this continues...
2011-03-08 loizidesAllow running without tree by using
2011-03-07 dsilvermfrom Francesco Blanci: reset histograms for calibration...
2011-03-05 hristovFix for Coverity 16288: BAD_FREE
2011-03-03 dsilvermupdate from Francesco Blanco - DQM/QA checker: from...
2011-03-02 gconesabremove old methods
2011-02-28 dsilvermAddInfo additions - needed for normal Preprocessor...
2011-02-28 gconesabnew non linearity function from beam test
2011-02-22 gconesabStore and recover the index of the matched track, possi...
2011-02-17 gconesabInverse the MC non linearity correction
2011-02-17 gconesabcoverity fixes
2011-02-17 gconesabcoverity fixes
2011-02-16 gconesabchange AliWarning and AliError to AliDebug to avoid...
2011-02-16 gconesabremove debug message, change other
2011-02-16 gconesabfix to be able to use again standard fitting mode
2011-02-15 gconesabmove printf to debug
2011-02-11 loizidesImplemented NxM cluster finder
2011-02-11 loizidesremove props
2011-02-01 gconesabChange some default settings for the recalculation...
2011-02-01 gconesabInclude time dependent corrections in cluster energy...
2011-01-29 gconesabset size of geometry data member fParSM to 3, change...
2011-01-29 gconesabremove unnecessary reinitialization of digits array...
2011-01-26 hristovCorrection for bug #77355: Generation of PARs
2011-01-26 gconesabremove option C for Clear for trigger array for the...
2011-01-26 gconesabcorrect leaks in trigger
2011-01-24 pavlinovAdded method for filling TProfile
2011-01-16 hristovPartial restoration of the par file functionallity
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 dsilvermbranch and binsize tweaks to time-dependent corr
2011-01-09 pavlinovAdded new methods
2011-01-07 gconesabsimple macro to print objects stored in alignment ocdb
2011-01-07 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETEV1 (Gustavo)
2011-01-07 gconesabremove assert to avoid abort in reconstruction of raw...
2011-01-05 pavlinovminor corrections
2011-01-05 gconesabModifications to allow reclusterization during analysis
2010-12-23 gconesabcorrect compilation warning in format
2010-12-22 pavlinovOne method was added
2010-12-20 gconesabcorrect compilation warning, make const an integer...
2010-12-20 gconesabupdate example macros
2010-12-17 fcareplacing fabs with TMath::Abs
2010-12-16 dsilvermsimplified time-dependent calibration corrections
2010-12-15 dsilvermincreasing the default number of EMCal SuperModules...
2010-12-15 gconesabFix for invalid write/read
2010-12-14 pavlinovCompilation warnings were fixed
2010-12-09 hristovChanges for report #76063 Commit to trunk + v4-20-Release
2010-12-06 dsilvermadd missing print line
2010-12-04 pavlinovfirst TB geometry implementation
2010-11-30 gconesabfix compilation warning
2010-11-30 dsilvermchanges from Per Thomas:
2010-11-29 dsilvermfrom Per Thomas: files for generation of PeakFinder...
2010-11-28 pavlinovnew value of sampling fraction 10.87 for last EMCAL...
2010-11-28 pavlinovMinor changing for TB setup possibility
2010-11-28 gconesabnew non linearity function
2010-11-25 jjoseAdded RuleChecker jars in trunk and updated CMake ...
2010-11-24 pavlinovSmall correction for possibility of test beam geoemetry
2010-11-23 gconesabReplace exit by return in TFF method to get global...