fWSN->Eval(0.001) to avoid fpe.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EMCAL /
2003-09-23 mhornerCahnged to new coordinate system
2003-09-23 mhornerChanged coordinate system
2003-09-23 mhornerChanged coordinate system
2003-09-23 mhornerChanged Arm1 angles
2003-09-19 mhornerAdded additional jet energy info
2003-09-18 mhornerStored additional energy information
2003-09-04 mhornerChanged hadron correction and added saving EMCAL and...
2003-08-14 hristovPointer fGeom initialized
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-07-18 mhornerMade enum types available
2003-07-18 mhornerFixed typo in logic
2003-07-18 mhornerAdded muonplus/minus to EM
2003-07-18 mhornerAdded new plots, fixed memory leak and some bugs
2003-07-18 mhornerAdded new plots
2003-07-18 mhornerChanged arrays
2003-07-18 mhornerChanged arrays
2003-07-16 schutzUndo previous modifications ....
2003-07-16 hristoviostream replaced by Riostream.h
2003-07-16 hristovBug fixes. Log replaced by Id
2003-07-15 schutzAdded the Jetfinder classes and merge with old HEAD
2003-07-15 schutzAdded the Jetfinder classes
2003-07-15 pavlinovLast version
2003-07-15 hristovCorrecting some trivial warnings on Alpha
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-17 hristovUsing Riostream.h instead of iostream.h
2003-03-17 morschNew methods and data member added by M. Horner.
2003-03-17 morschUpdates by M. Horner and J. Klay
2003-03-07 morschcorrect protection (ets .ne. 0).
2003-02-05 morschModifiactions by M. Horner.
2003-02-03 morschProtection against floating point exception in cosh.
2003-01-30 hristovNo default arguments in the implementation file
2003-01-29 pavlinovfixed bug in FillFromHits
2003-01-28 morschFlag for random background added.
2003-01-28 morschParticle loading according to generator type.
2003-01-23 morsch- option for adding energy of all particles (ich == 2)
2003-01-23 morschRecord charged and neutral energy component separately.
2003-01-17 schutzcorrect in the StepManager the calculation of the tower id
2003-01-17 schutzadded a debug information
2003-01-15 morschUpdated selection in ReadFromTracks()
2003-01-15 morsch- TPC eff. from AliEMCALFast
2003-01-14 alibraryCleanup of STEER coding conventions
2003-01-10 schutzchange values of sampling fraction
2003-01-10 schutzcorrected typo in the definition of setting methods
2003-01-10 morschDummy SetParameters method.
2003-01-10 schutzset temporarely the noise level to zero
2003-01-10 schutzadded methods implemented in v1
2003-01-10 morschAliEMCALHadronCorrectionv1 added.
2003-01-10 morschSetSamplingFraction() removed from constructor.
2003-01-10 morschSampling fraction initialized from geometry class.
2003-01-10 schutzset the sampling factor to 11.3 (Renan analysis)
2003-01-09 schutzimplemented methods concerning PID
2003-01-09 schutzbase class of AliEMCALRecParticle
2003-01-08 schutznew classes are added
2003-01-08 schutzhits in the tower are added; fluctuations are added...
2003-01-08 schutzrationalized the geometry construction with pre hcal...
2003-01-08 schutznew classes for track segments
2003-01-08 schutzadded the HCAL section, rewrote the position calculatio...
2003-01-08 schutzadded the HCAL section and removed obsolete method
2003-01-08 schutzadded the HCAL section and a method to get the local...
2003-01-08 schutzreconstructed particle class created bt AliEMCALPID
2003-01-08 schutzclasses for the PID construction
2003-01-08 schutzclass need by the TrackSegmentMaker that links pre...
2003-01-08 schutzadded the HCAL section
2003-01-08 schutzadded a method to tell if the digit is in pre shower
2003-01-08 schutzadded methods relevant for HCAL section, TrackSegments...
2003-01-08 schutzcleaned the init; modified the geometry naming conventi...
2003-01-08 schutzadded the HCAL section. Revised the way fluctiations...
2003-01-08 schutzadded a method to tell if the digit is in pre shower
2003-01-08 schutzintroduced HCAL section in the reconstruction
2002-12-18 schutzcorrect the size of volumes XEN1 and XUi to have all...
2002-12-18 morschCorrection in efficiency for p < 0.5.
2002-12-13 schutzrevised geometry, fully parametrized and including...
2002-12-09 morsch- Nummber of particles per jet increased to 1000
2002-12-06 schutzadded debug information
2002-12-06 schutzCorrected for the IP to EMCAL distance which was system...
2002-12-06 schutzAdded a data member so that the RecPoint makes himself...
2002-12-06 schutzAdded the geometry object as a data member ! Warning...
2002-12-06 schutzcorrected a typo in a if statement in Init (why did...
2002-12-06 schutzadded the sampling factor (12) in the PinNoise and...
2002-12-06 schutzhe clusterizer identifies if a recpoint is tower of...
2002-12-04 schutzChange in the geometry: TUB replaced by PGON to avoid...
2002-12-03 schutzpositionned differently (correctly ?)the Al layer
2002-12-03 schutzCorrected for a bug in the geometry: the last scintilla...
2002-12-02 schutzadded the delete of EMCAL object posted in the folder...
2002-12-02 schutzadded the delete of EMCAL object posted in the folder...
2002-11-29 schutzAdded method to retrieve PreShowerRecPoint
2002-11-29 schutzcorrected error in the dispersion calculation
2002-11-21 alibraryRemoving AliMCProcess and AliMC
2002-11-20 morsch- FindChargedJets() added.
2002-11-17 schutzremoved a Info()
2002-11-17 schutzremove/add print statements
2002-11-15 morschGetPythiaParticleName removed.
2002-11-13 schutzcorrected a bug in dispersion calculations (replaced...
2002-11-13 schutzchanged version number
2002-11-11 schutzremoved unecessaty blank lines
2002-11-05 schutzchange the formattin in Print()
2002-10-31 schutzremoved iostream
2002-10-29 schutzchange fMaxiparent to 150
2002-10-23 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h