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Made a new abstract base class; AliL3HoughBaseTransformer for different implementations
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2002-04-24 schutzAdded the fFailed data member that gives the status...
2002-04-19 schutzChange return kFALSE into return 0
2002-04-19 hristovAvoid cast from pointer to integer
2002-04-19 schutzdelete pointer members in dtor
2002-04-11 nilsenfixed a complation warning about not brace-enclosing...
2002-03-27 schutzFill Tree instead of branches to be able to use the...
2002-03-15 morschSet max. pT to 1.e10.
2002-03-13 hristovRestored correspondence between flat and recursive...
2002-03-12 pavlinovadded sgpfge.F to Makefile
2002-03-12 pavlinovservice routine
2002-03-12 pavlinovTestin output from generator
2002-03-05 morschMore coherent treatment of gluon-radiation and simpleJe...
2002-02-27 pavlinovAdded method FillFromParticles()
2002-02-27 pavlinovReturn to initial version of KS
2002-02-23 schutzOne more correction to allow "/" in the file name
2002-02-21 schutzAllowed to have "/" in the filename (continued)
2002-02-21 morschCorrection in FillFromHitFlaggedTrack. (Jennifer Klay)
2002-02-20 hristovMade to work with new JetFinder (Sahal)
2002-02-20 hristovControl-M removed
2002-02-20 schutzReplaced possible "/" by "_" in the headerFile name...
2002-02-16 morschFirst version from Aleksei Pavlinov <pavlinov@physics...
2002-02-14 morschChange AliJet.. to AliEMCALJet...
2002-02-14 morschALiEMCALJetMicroDst first commit.
2002-02-14 morschMajor updates by Aleksei Pavlinov:
2002-02-14 schutzChanged (again) the ADC gain for preshower
2002-02-13 schutzChanged the ADC gain factor for pre shower
2002-02-12 morschstatic variable for number of events per run added.
2002-02-12 morschNew gamma-jet signal options added.
2002-02-12 schutzdefault constructor sets datamembers to zero
2002-02-12 schutzNMaxIParent has been increased from 40 -> 50 (Bill
2002-02-08 morschSetOutputFileName(..) allows to specify an output file...
2002-02-07 morschcorrect impact parameter range for kHijing_jj100
2002-02-06 schutzAdded protection against division by zero
2002-02-05 nilsenA test macro which loops over all tower index numbers...
2002-02-05 morschSmearing parameters with TRD included added.
2002-02-05 schutzin method Layer2TowerId(), for a specific case of HitID...
2002-02-04 hristovUse TMath::Abs instead of fabs (Alpha)
2002-02-02 morschFormula for rB corrected.
2002-02-01 morschFill map with Et and pT.
2002-02-01 schutzIncreased the max number of primaries and parents and...
2002-02-01 morschAll central detectors switched on.
2002-01-31 morschPtJet instead of PtMinJet. Use SetSimpleJet(1)
2002-01-31 morschIn cocktail events, book the signal first.
2002-01-31 morschGeometry parameters in constructor and call of SetCellS...
2002-01-28 hristovCtrl-M removed at the end of each line. Arrays with...
2002-01-28 schutzChanged Clusterizer() to return a Clusterizerv1* instea...
2002-01-28 schutzThe array for primaries and parents increments itself...
2002-01-28 schutzChanged the clustering threshold to be 5 times the...
2002-01-25 schutzAdded new methods
2002-01-25 schutzInitialized data members to 0 in default ctor
2002-01-24 schutzCorrected misplaced braces in DigitizeEnergy and adjust...
2002-01-24 schutzInitialized to a large size enough for dN/deta =80000...
2002-01-24 schutzCorrect the check of an already existing branch with...
2002-01-24 schutzClassDef incremented
2002-01-24 schutzIncremented classdef
2002-01-23 morschFastidious debug print statement removed.
2002-01-22 morschSome corrections for event mixing and bg event handling.
2002-01-22 morschExample macro for event mixing and jet finding.
2002-01-22 hristovAliEMCALHadronCorrection.cxx and AliEMCALHadronCorrecti...
2002-01-22 hristovCorrespondance between libEMCAL.pkg and Makefile restored
2002-01-22 hristovAliEMCALGetter.cxx compiled only once
2002-01-22 morschSome correction for bg mixing.
2002-01-22 morschAddition methods and member data for bg mixing.
2002-01-22 schutzNew Recpoints
2002-01-22 schutzClusterizer introduced
2002-01-22 schutzIn the STepManager fluctuations due to light collection...
2002-01-22 schutzSDigits has become a copy of hits and threshold to...
2002-01-22 schutzChange thresholds ans noise parameters
2002-01-22 schutzIntroduction of the methods to access RecPoints
2002-01-21 morschCorrect sign of dphi.
2002-01-21 morsch- different phi-bin for hadron correction
2002-01-21 morschBending radius correctly in cm.
2002-01-21 morschauthors
2002-01-21 morschPossibility to include K0long and neutrons.
2002-01-21 morschPhi propagation introduced in FillFromTracks.
2002-01-19 schutzfixed const problems again (Bjorn said)
2002-01-19 schutzfixed method from id to angle (Bjorn said)
2002-01-18 schutzfixed const problems (Bjorn said)
2002-01-18 schutzchanged eta, phi method; added * operator
2002-01-18 morschkParam_4000_Ecal added
2002-01-18 morschDiscontinued. Use testJetFinder.C !
2002-01-18 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-18 morschConfig.C for EMCAL production.
2002-01-18 morschtypo corrected
2002-01-18 morsch- hadronic correction
2002-01-18 morschAliEMCALHadronicCorrection added.
2002-01-18 morschAcceptance and random rejection added.
2002-01-18 morschAliEMCALHadronicCorrection added
2002-01-18 morschAliEMCALHadronicCorrection added.
2002-01-18 schutzCorrected for Bugs in the calculation of ID numbers
2002-01-18 schutzCorrected for Bugs and added getter methods
2002-01-18 schutzChanged the addition operator to better overlow of...
2002-01-18 schutzcorrected bug in geometry (Bjorn)
2002-01-17 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-17 morschAnalyse track information.
2002-01-17 hristovExtra backspaces removed
2002-01-17 schutzCleaned CreateGeometry
2002-01-17 schutzAdded new data members to remove magic numbers
2002-01-17 schutzundo precedent change
2002-01-17 schutzpedestal is subtracted not added