First version of the new GUI in development. You can enable this UI with "alieve...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / EveBase / EveBaseLinkDef.h
2013-07-05 quarkFirst version of the new GUI in development. You can...
2012-06-19 quarkAdding ALICE specific implementation of Eve
2010-08-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2009-11-20 mtadelAliEveConfigManager
2009-11-19 mtadelRename AliEveGedFrame to AliEveGedNameFrame. Fix warning.
2009-11-17 mtadel* AliEveGedEditor
2009-11-10 mtadelMove MultiView.C into EveBase class AliEveMultiView.
2009-10-13 mtadelAdd full support for SPD tracklets.
2009-06-11 mtadelFrom Mikolaj: Implementation of event / trigger selecti...
2009-05-29 mtadelFrom Davide Caffarri: classes for heavy-flavour AOD...
2009-04-01 mtadelFrom Paraskevi Ganoti.
2009-03-31 mtadel* AliEveMagField
2009-02-20 mtadel* EveBase/AliEveTrack
2009-01-29 mtadelTEveJetCone moved to root/eve (piggyback on sync with...
2008-12-17 mtadelWith Jochen: new class for arbitrarily shaped jet-cone...
2008-12-05 mtadelFrom Boris - revival of AliEveCascade classes.
2008-10-16 fcaMoving to standard names