Handle missing rec-point tree in a uniform way: return null pointer to TEvePointSet.
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2008-05-14 mtadelProto version of GUI for event-manager.
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-08 mtadelFix import of track-references. Apparently they are...
2008-05-07 mtadelAliEveEventManager::AssertGeometry() - consolidate...
2008-04-26 mtadelFrom Boris and Antonin: Add DCA and pt cuts for v0s.
2008-04-18 mtadelWith Boris and Antonin - improvements for V0 visualization.
2008-04-17 mtadelNext iteration of V0 visualization.
2008-04-16 mtadelWith Boris and Antonin:
2008-04-15 mtadelAliEveEventManager
2008-04-11 aljaStructural improvements.
2008-04-11 decaroSuppressed a not fatal error during the execution
2008-04-11 decaroChanged fitting algorithm
2008-03-31 mtadelFix order of public/protected/private sections to confo...
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-13 aljaNew line fitter class from Annalisa. Code in development.
2008-03-13 mtadelMerge changes from branches/dev/EVE. This branch was...
2008-03-04 mtadelFix warnings.
2008-01-30 aljaAdd class and function docs.
2008-01-25 mtadelAdded class documentation.
2008-01-23 mtadelDocument code, fix var names.
2008-01-22 mtadelSome more effc++ warnings.
2008-01-22 mtadelFixed effc++ warnings.
2008-01-21 mtadelMove core classes from EveDet to EveBase.