Add dead module handling for SDD and SSD.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / EveDet / AliEveITSModule.cxx
2009-12-17 mtadelAdd dead module handling for SDD and SSD.
2009-11-27 mtadelWith Davide Caffarri:
2009-09-18 mtadelCosmetically sanitize ITS visualization code.
2008-08-14 cholmAdded cast to Color_t - needed by GCC 4.3
2008-07-15 mtadelWith Rossella. Add more configurability to ITS raw...
2008-06-25 mtadelMerge of EVE-dev branch.
2008-03-13 mtadelMerge changes from branches/dev/EVE. This branch was...
2008-03-06 mtadelAliEveITSDigitsInfo::SetITSSegmentation()
2008-03-04 mtadelFix a mistake.
2008-03-04 mtadelFrom Massimo: remove usage of AliITSgeom, use AliITSgeo...
2008-01-28 mtadelAdd class and function docs.
2008-01-23 mtadelFrom Francesco:
2008-01-21 mtadelMove contents of EVE/Alieve to EVE/EveDet as most code...