there have been some changes in the on-line tracklet and GTU track
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / EveDet / AliEveTRDData.cxx
2010-06-17 abercucithere have been some changes in the on-line tracklet...
2010-02-01 abercuci- last version of the list analyser by Ben
2010-01-19 abercuciupdates for the list analyser (Ben)
2009-11-10 abercuciupdate coordinate transformation from chamber coordinat...
2009-08-07 mtadelFrom Christoph: add missing include.
2009-07-16 mtadelFrom Jochen Klein.
2009-06-25 abercuciimplementation of online tracklets (Jochen)
2009-04-09 abercuciNEW visualisation of tracklets from the MCM simulation...
2009-04-08 abercucimajor TRD reconstruction update
2009-03-04 abercucikeep up with the modifications from TRD code
2009-02-25 hristovMajor update for the TRD tracking code
2009-02-16 abercuciuncomment Reset function
2009-02-16 abercucichanges needed in order to move to the new digits data...
2009-01-26 abercuciremove dependence on the AliTRDReconstructor from the...
2009-01-14 abercuciprepare for the new tracklet fit/attach
2008-12-15 abercuciavoid refitting the tracklet but use the values calcula...
2008-12-05 abercucie AliRieman for Rieman fits (temporary)
2008-12-03 abercucicorrect clusters attached to tracklets for tilting...
2008-11-27 abercuciimproved verbosity
2008-11-26 abercucilinked loaders at clusters level
2008-11-18 mtadelFrom Christoph: Follw up to a change in the TRD digits...
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-11-07 abercuciadd print-out for MC hits
2008-11-07 abercuciimproved tooltips
2008-10-22 abercucismall fixes for Kalman fitter
2008-09-22 abercucifix broken compilation in EVE-TRD
2008-09-12 abercucimodify line color for tracks and default fit method
2008-08-05 abercuciupdate for the new recoParam representation
2008-07-22 cvetanMajor commit related to steering of the reco parameters...
2008-06-25 mtadelMerge of EVE-dev branch.
2008-06-10 abercuci--This line, and th se below, will be ignored--
2008-06-03 abercucifix digits vizualization
2008-06-03 hristovModified naming conventions in the geometry
2008-05-26 mtadelFrom Alexandru:
2008-05-26 mtadelFrom Alexandru:
2008-03-13 mtadelMerge changes from branches/dev/EVE. This branch was...
2008-01-22 mtadelFixed effc++ warnings.
2008-01-21 mtadelMove contents of EVE/Alieve to EVE/EveDet as most code...