Record changes.
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2007-03-22 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-22 mtadelWhite-space.
2007-03-22 mtadelAlign position, rotation and scale widgets.
2007-03-22 mtadelAdd ctors/setters from float/double arrays.
2007-03-22 mtadelFix typo, swap of R/Z.
2007-03-22 mtadelSetup check-box pictures when inserting in a list-tree.
2007-03-22 mtadelDisable ROOT's auto-update of TGListTree's checkboxes.
2007-03-22 mtadelNew classes TGeoShapeExtract and Reve::GeoShapeRnrEl.
2007-03-22 mtadelNew files: class TGeoShapeExtract that allows import...
2007-03-15 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-15 mtadelCheck ownership of quad-ids in Reset().
2007-03-15 mtadelNew class GridStepper.
2007-03-15 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-15 mtadelAdd an optional flag to Redraw3D() issuing a request...
2007-03-09 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-09 mtadelFix for checking boundaries of path-marks.
2007-03-09 mtadelAdded method SortPathMarksByTime().
2007-03-08 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-08 mtadelMissing initialization; fiddle with the track marker...
2007-03-08 mtadelChange track-start marker style.
2007-03-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-06 mtadelIn PadPrimitive::Paint() test fRnrChildren instead...
2007-03-05 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-05 mtadelChanges from RenderElement; change import functions...
2007-03-05 mtadelChanges from RenderElement.
2007-03-05 mtadelInherit from PadPrimitve instead of from RenderElementList.
2007-03-05 mtadelAdded function to create 4 check box pictures which...
2007-03-05 mtadelClasses RenderElement and RenderElementListBase have...
2007-02-26 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-02-26 mtadelIn class Track: renamed ImportDaughters() to ImportKine...
2007-02-26 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-02-26 mtadelTrackRnrStyle: add pt-range memebers.
2007-02-26 mtadelCommented out title for QuadSet as there are no direct...
2007-02-23 mtadelFix name of the macro used to import daughters.
2007-02-21 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-02-21 mtadelMake consistent alignment.
2007-02-21 mtadelTwo new items for context menu: PrintPathMarks and...
2007-02-21 mtadelCall redraw after Enable/DisableListElements.
2007-02-21 mtadelAdd function to return PathMark type-name.
2007-02-20 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-02-20 mtadelFix Ludovic's strange const-method syntax.
2007-02-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-02-19 mtadelOverride LineGL::DirectDraw() to draw path marks.
2007-02-19 mtadelAdd widgets to control rendering and fiting of pathmarks.
2007-02-19 mtadelAdd Getters and Setters in TrackRnrStyle and TrackList...
2007-02-19 mtadelAdd callbacks to set path marks.
2007-02-19 mtadelAdd member time to class PathMark.
2007-02-07 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-01 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-02-01 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-01-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-01-19 mtadelAdded nested class RedrawDisabler allowing exception...
2007-01-17 mtadelChange number-format for event-id.
2007-01-17 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-01-17 mtadelTrackCounterEditor: add number-entry to directly set...
2007-01-12 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-01-12 mtadelTrackCounterEditor: added buttons to print/file scannin...
2007-01-12 mtadelTrackCounter: added method OutputEventTracks() for...
2006-12-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-19 mtadelAdded method Track::PrintKineStack(); added global...
2006-12-18 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-18 mtadelIf frame-box is set, use it for determination of boundi...
2006-12-18 mtadelAdded getters for frame-point details.
2006-12-15 mtadelMissing doc.
2006-12-15 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-15 mtadelIncrease range of track extrapolation precision.
2006-12-15 mtadelAdded method 'void ImportClustersFromIndex()'.
2006-12-15 mtadelAdded signal-emitting 'void CtrlClicked()' and 'Bool_t...
2006-12-15 mtadelAdded index data-member to MC/RecTrack.
2006-12-15 mtadelMoved declaration/definition of ReferenceBackPtr from...
2006-12-15 mtadelSubclass from ReferenceBackPtr instead of ReferenceCount.
2006-12-13 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-13 mtadelAdded support for secondary selection.
2006-12-13 mtadelAdded per-quad TRef, implemented virtual callback QuadS...
2006-12-08 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-08 mtadelSlight simplification of heavy-duty loops over elements.
2006-12-08 mtadelAdded inner struct VoidCPlex::iterator; increase constness.
2006-12-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-06 mtadelAdded support for rendering hexagons (needed by PMD).
2006-12-04 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-04 mtadelRenamed typedef lpRE_t/i to List_t/i.
2006-12-04 mtadelIn TrackGL::ProcessSelection(): make model-track emit...
2006-12-04 mtadelAdded class TrackCounterEditor.
2006-12-04 mtadelAdded class TrackCounter; Track now inherits from TQObj...
2006-12-04 mtadelAdded a hack that restores CINT state if macro executio...
2006-12-04 mtadelRender frame before checking if QuadSet is empty and...
2006-12-04 mtadelNew class TrackCounter[Editor]; added RenderElement...
2006-11-21 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-11-21 mtadelStyle/comment changes.
2006-11-21 mtadelUse better names for QuadTypes (enum and internal structs).
2006-11-21 mtadelSome points were duplicated during track construction.
2006-11-21 mtadelRegister new classes.
2006-11-21 mtadelDerive Track from Line (before was TPolyLine3D, RenderE...
2006-11-21 mtadelNew files: allow interaction with the track, more confi...
2006-11-21 mtadelNew files: line representation with per-point selection.
2006-11-17 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-11-17 mtadelRemoved unnecessary constructor.
2006-11-17 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-11-17 mtadelBeautify editor; rename over/undershoot to over/underflow.