Added support to display the HLT ESD Tree. See the comment in visscan_local.C for How
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / alice-macros / muon_clusters.C
2012-03-09 quarkChange to support compilation when ALICE_INSTALL is...
2012-01-30 quarkModified macros to be compilable by ACLiC
2010-11-01 cholmAdded scripts
2010-03-28 ppillot- Unload Digits and RecPoints after reading
2009-12-03 ivanaIn muon-related macros in EVE:
2009-11-30 mtadelFrom Philippe & Laurent: new variant of MUON visualization.
2006-10-31 mtadelFrom Bogdan: removed files.
2006-07-10 mtadelUse new / simpler method of render-element registration...
2006-06-01 mtadelNew files for MUON visualization by Bogdan Vulpescu.