- synchronized the overlay macro to the changes of the drawing one
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / alice-macros /
2011-03-28 decaroFixed unmatched parenthesis
2011-03-11 abercuciupdate installed geometry for TRD
2011-03-07 decaroAdded last decoder version (V2) in TOF raw data visuali...
2010-11-07 pdebskiChanges in order to modify also ITSonly tracks
2010-11-01 cholmUndo last change - mistake on my part
2010-11-01 cholmAdded scripts
2010-10-12 pdebskiadded new features to the GUI:
2010-10-04 pdebskiMacros with display settings for PbPb data
2010-09-27 hristovFix for bug #72861: Remove cout from emcal_digits.C
2010-09-14 mtadelRemove extra copies of the function. It's a mystery...
2010-09-14 mtadelFrom Stefano: Add missing macro to display AliEveBeamsI...
2010-09-14 pdebskiFuther development of macros for AliEve preparations...
2010-09-08 pdebskialieve_online.C - added camera checking (for shrinking...
2010-07-13 abercucitake care of gGeoManager handling
2010-07-13 abercuci- rename macro to display TRD digits
2010-07-13 abercucifix TRD digits display
2010-06-21 abercuciprotect against missing track pointers
2010-06-17 abercucithere have been some changes in the on-line tracklet...
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-17 cvetanUpdate of the 2d histograms from Stefano
2010-05-11 mtadelFrom Stefano: use clearer variable names for global...
2010-05-11 mtadelFrom Stefano.
2010-04-22 mtadelFrom Jennifer - get geo-manager via AliEveEventManager...
2010-04-12 hristovacorde_raw.C --> update of the macro used to visualize...
2010-04-01 mtadelFrom Mario:
2010-03-29 ppillotIncrease transparency
2010-03-28 ppillot- Unload Digits and RecPoints after reading
2010-03-25 hristovTechnical fix: possibility to use partial EMCAL geometry
2010-03-22 cvetanPHOS and TRD geometry as installed. Transparent TRD...
2010-02-23 ppillotmuon_init.C:
2010-02-14 mtadelAdd function geom_its_dets() that displays the branches...
2010-01-20 abercuciadded extended documentation and examples (Ben)
2010-01-19 abercucisteering macro for list analyser (Ben)
2009-12-21 abercuciupdates for list analyser (Ben)
2009-12-17 mtadelFrom Mikolaj. One more function for drawing ITS stand...
2009-12-17 mtadelAdd dead module handling for SDD and SSD.
2009-12-16 mtadelFrom Mikolaj.
2009-12-14 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-12-11 mtadelFix the way how dependence on esd_tracks.C is handled.
2009-12-10 mtadelAdd protection when kinematics can not be loaded.
2009-12-04 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-12-04 ivanaIn EVE macros:
2009-12-03 ivanaIn muon-related macros in EVE:
2009-12-03 mtadelAdd missing includes for macros that get compiled,...
2009-12-02 ppillotmove global variables as static variables in relevant...
2009-12-01 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski.
2009-11-30 mtadelFrom Philippe & Laurent: new variant of MUON visualization.
2009-11-27 mtadelWith Davide Caffarri:
2009-11-27 mtadelAdd functions to show spd/sdd/ssd only.
2009-11-27 abercucifirst version of list analyser steering macro (Ben)
2009-11-25 mtadel* show_scan_results.C
2009-11-24 mtadelFrom Adam K.: Put ITS stand-alone tracks into three...
2009-11-23 mtadelAdd /home/mtadel/alice-dev/trunk/aliroot/PWG0 to includ...
2009-11-22 mtadelUse SetMaxOrbs() instead of direct member access.
2009-11-20 mtadelesd_tracks.C
2009-11-20 mtadelAliEveConfigManager
2009-11-20 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski: more modes for VizDB.
2009-11-18 mtadelChange color of 'bad tracklets'.
2009-11-18 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski: further changes for VizDB.
2009-11-17 mtadelFrom Pawel Debski:
2009-11-11 mtadelUse AliPWG0Helper::kTPC mode to initialize analysis...
2009-11-10 mtadel* visscan_init.C
2009-11-10 mtadelMove MultiView.C into EveBase class AliEveMultiView.
2009-11-09 mtadelSPD trackelts were too thick.
2009-11-09 mtadel* esd_tracks.C
2009-11-09 mtadel* AliEveTrack
2009-11-06 mtadelAlmost final version of scanning tools.
2009-11-06 mtadel* hmpid_digits.C, hmpid_raw.C
2009-11-05 mtadel* show_scan_results.C
2009-11-05 mtadelCorrected ctor call.
2009-11-04 mtadel* esd_spd_tracklets
2009-11-01 mtadelWith Magali: improve handling of static data members...
2009-10-31 mtadelFrom Magali: small modifications.
2009-10-30 mtadelAdd example of how to assign lines to a module.
2009-10-21 abercuciupdate for new usage of reco param
2009-10-14 mtadelFrom Mario: minor change according to the new ID volume...
2009-10-13 mtadelAdd full support for SPD tracklets.
2009-10-09 mtadelAdd default value for tracklet line width argument.
2009-10-08 mtadelNew version of SPD tracklet visualization.
2009-10-02 mtadelAvoid direct instantiation of AliMagF.
2009-10-01 mtadelAdd pT error to the track tooltip.
2009-09-24 cvetanCleaning up the EMCAL digits macro and adding it to...
2009-09-18 mtadelCosmetically sanitize ITS visualization code.
2009-09-18 mtadelFrom Indra and me - make macro runnable in compiled...
2009-09-13 cvetanMemory leaks in TOF visualization code
2009-09-13 cvetanTRD tracks macro removed from the online display due...
2009-09-05 cvetanAdding TOF visualization for online display (raw data...
2009-09-05 cvetanProtection against missing digits (the case in mainstre...
2009-09-04 cvetanShorted log in case ACORDE is not in the geometry loade...
2009-08-28 mtadelClarify cluster loop. Add check for cluster being 0...
2009-08-21 mtadelRemove include file that was removed from TRD code.
2009-08-18 mtadel* AliEveTrack
2009-08-05 mtadelUse better drift-velocity correction factor for TPC-3D.
2009-07-18 mtadelMake the macro compilable. Add function 'kine_hide_neut...
2009-07-16 mtadelFrom Jochen Klein.
2009-07-15 mtadelCall gEve->DisableRedraw() when their so no more chance...
2009-07-09 hristovMoving the HLT visualization macro to EVE
2009-07-09 cvetanCorrected trd visualizaion macros. Missing header file...
2009-07-02 cvetanUsing the new altro raw-data format. Removing some...
2009-06-25 abercucinew macro to display online tracklets (Jochen)