- Compute parameter covariances including absorber dispersion effects
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVE / alice-macros /
2007-11-12 hristovpropagation of changes done in MUON to remove obsolete...
2007-11-09 mtadelUse function Track::SetStdLabel() for setting of tracks...
2007-11-08 mtadelProtect against too high track label in kine_track...
2007-11-08 mtadelPut index into track's name instead of its label.
2007-11-08 aljaCreate projected and unprojected scene in separate...
2007-11-07 mtadelCascade and V0 classes moved from Reve to Alieve namespace.
2007-10-29 cvetanNew macro for visualization of the HMPID clusters ...
2007-10-23 aljaSet center of the projection to the primary vertex.
2007-10-22 mtadelMerged EVE-dev-after-merge to EVE-dev into HEAD. Requir...
2007-10-18 mtadelPut the files back to head.
2007-10-18 mtadelRemove already deleted files that were recreated during...
2007-10-09 mtadelFrom Eleazar: one module was missing. Load geometry...
2007-10-04 alibraryFinish the move RICH to HMPID
2007-10-04 mtadelNew files from Eleazar: geometry and hits for ACORDE.
2007-09-24 mtadelFrom Bogdan: modifications for the new structure of...
2007-08-06 mtadelFrom Cesar: Macro to visualize jets.
2007-07-23 mtadelNew optional argument: Bool_t use_track_refs=kTRUE.
2007-07-13 mtadelNew macro from Jouri: display TPC clusters.
2007-07-12 mtadelFrom Christian: AliESD -> AliESDEvent migration.
2007-07-06 mtadelAdded function to draw given range od 2d sectors.
2007-07-03 cvetanUpdated macro to visualize phos clusters, finally a...
2007-06-26 mtadelRemove AliDebug stuff.
2007-06-26 cvetanCorrected macro to display the phos clusters
2007-06-22 mtadelUse geometry from CDB.
2007-06-19 mtadelLoad misaligned-geometry.root not created any more.
2007-06-19 cvetanFIrst version of the macro to visualize PHOS clusters
2007-06-18 mtadelUse pi/2 - phi ... strange people.
2007-06-18 mtadelAdded optional argument maxR.
2007-06-18 mtadelNew macro: show SPD tracklets from AliMultiplicity.
2007-06-13 mtadelFrom Annalisa: new macros for TOF digit visualization.
2007-06-06 mtadelFrom Alexandru: new version of TRD visualization.
2007-06-06 mtadelNew files; macros to demonstrate non-linear projections.
2007-06-01 mtadelBugfix.
2007-05-31 mtadelAdded new argument event number and an option to accumu...
2007-05-25 mtadelNew macro - load ITS raw data.
2007-04-20 mtadelNew macro, import ITS hits by layer.
2007-04-19 mtadelAdd common holder for all modules.
2007-04-19 mtadelDo not transpose rotation part of super-module matrix.
2007-04-17 mtadelRemove file.
2007-04-17 mtadelUse the y-z mode of QuadSet to represent calo-cells.
2007-04-17 alibraryMacOSX does not like files that differ only by case
2007-04-17 mtadelAlexey: new macros for T0 visualization.
2007-04-11 mtadelRename rich to hmpid etc.
2007-04-11 mtadelNew files, proto-emcal-viz.
2007-04-10 mtadelRemoved
2007-04-10 mtadelBogdan: new version of MUON visualization.
2007-03-29 mtadelFix indentation.
2007-03-29 mtadelNew file, import VZERO digits.
2007-03-29 mtadelVZERO volumes now placed in common mother.
2007-03-26 mtadelModify dimesions of stepper cell.
2007-03-25 mtadelDisplay all ITS layers in 2x3 ITS module-steppers.
2007-03-25 mtadelChange default digit-scale from 1 to 2.
2007-03-25 mtadelNew macro: split TPC hits based on their deposited...
2007-03-25 mtadelImport kinematics recursively with pT and full-momentum...
2007-03-25 mtadelNew files: reasonably small extract of geometry and...
2007-03-24 mtadelUse new form of method UseNodeTrans() (was SetUseNodeTr...
2007-03-22 mtadelFix typo in var-name.
2007-03-22 mtadelFill ITSModuleStepper with a mix of modules from SPD...
2007-03-16 mtadelFrom Cvetan: new macro to load ITS clusters.
2007-03-15 mtadelFrom Bogdan: new macro files for MUON display.
2007-03-15 mtadelFrom Bogdan: updates macros for MUON display.
2007-03-15 mtadelFrom Bogdan: removed macro file.
2007-03-15 mtadelNew macro demonstrating 2D ITS-module layout.
2007-03-09 mtadelDisable redraw while adding Tracks/RenderElements.
2007-03-08 mtadelIncrese primary-vertex marker.
2007-03-05 mtadelChanges from Reve::RenderElement.
2007-03-02 mtadelNew file: import tracks that were used for primary...
2007-02-28 mtadelFrom Basanta: added parameter controling which PMD...
2007-02-26 mtadelInclude TOF hits.
2007-02-26 mtadelNew macro.
2007-02-26 mtadelReduce warning when no hits match selection.
2007-02-26 mtadelRemoved; functionality now available from functions...
2007-02-26 mtadelAdded more arguments/flexibiliy to kine_tracks().
2007-02-26 mtadelSet path marks in track container.
2007-02-26 mtadelAdded function kine_track() to import a track with...
2007-02-26 mtadelCheck if any hits are selected before creating Reve...
2007-02-26 mtadelFrom Basanta: new files for PMD digit visualization.
2007-02-21 mtadelNew file.
2007-02-21 mtadelAdd option to color tracks according to PDG code.
2007-02-19 mtadelImport path marks from stack and track references.
2007-02-19 mtadelThrow exception if a track does not have a valid index.
2007-02-09 mtadelProperly center primary-vertex error-box.
2007-01-30 mtadelNew file: import geometry of T0.
2007-01-18 mtadelUse the right function to get position of primary verte...
2007-01-17 mtadelChanged default colors of primary vertex markers to...
2007-01-17 mtadelNew file; macro to set the current event directly.
2006-12-19 mtadelNew file; dump kine stack for given label.
2006-12-19 mtadelAdded TRD hits.
2006-12-15 mtadelStore also track index.
2006-12-15 mtadelFix indentation.
2006-12-15 mtadelProvide return value.
2006-12-15 mtadelNew macro: import clusters based on index of track...
2006-12-04 mtadelFix print-out alignment.
2006-12-04 mtadelChange text of track labels.
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-22 hristovTemporary replacement of Form by sprintf to avoid probl...
2006-11-16 mtadelRaffele forgot to increase global module counter when...
2006-11-16 mtadelFrom Ludovic: updates for V0 visualization.
2006-11-16 mtadelFrom Ludovic, new file: macro to display and interact...
2006-11-14 mtadelRemoved frame-color from ctors, now part of shared...