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2010-11-04 slindalAdded muon arms
2010-11-04 slindal-Fixed bug in offline buffer that deleted event object.
2010-11-01 slindalMerge branch 'multipleThreads' into newdevel
2010-10-30 slindalMerge branch 'multipleThreads'
2010-08-13 slindalRemoved streamerinfo initialization from od.C
2010-07-06 slindalRemoved HMPID from default geometry
2010-06-10 slindalRemoved muon for default running
2010-06-04 slindalfrom Indra: Muon display changes
2010-05-07 slindal-added AliHLTReconstructor object to online display...
2010-05-02 slindal-changed time between nextEvent calls in AliEveHOMERMan...
2010-04-08 slindalAdded "Save Viewers" button and functionality to alihlteve
2010-03-15 slindalBugfixes enabling buffer navigation
2010-03-11 slindalFixed bugs that made histograms being drawn on top...
2010-03-10 slindal-Created new libarey AliHLTEve with processor classes...
2010-03-04 slindalbugfix
2010-02-26 slindalbugfix
2010-02-26 slindalSome small bugfixes
2010-02-26 slindalMoved the block processing to detector specific functions
2010-02-25 slindalbugfix
2010-02-25 slindal-Cleaned up
2010-02-24 slindalremoved the undefined histo in processesdtrack, for now
2010-02-24 slindalbugfix
2010-02-24 slindal-Cleaned up
2010-02-22 slindalbugfixes
2010-02-22 slindalAdded tpc histos
2010-02-16 slindalBugfix
2009-12-06 jthaederbugfix
2009-12-05 jthaederupdated for TRD tracks
2009-12-05 jthaedercleanup
2009-12-05 jthaederUpdate to have V0s, Vertices and ITS Histograms
2009-12-05 jthaederadd temporarily macros
2009-11-24 slindal-Added HLT test clusters to onlineDisplay macro,
2009-11-23 jthaederChanges from Svein Lindal
2009-10-05 jthaederAdded SPD,SSD,SDD clusters and PHOS digits to the macro
2009-10-05 jthaederAdding of PHOS and ITS structures, fix typo in TPC...
2009-09-08 jthaederupdate macro, made TRD compiling
2009-09-08 jthaederUpdated macros for online display
2009-09-04 jthaeder* Bug Fix for uninitialized idx
2009-09-03 jthaeder* AliHLTHOMERBlockDesc holds now a copy of the data
2009-09-01 jthaederupdated from the running version in the ACR
2009-08-25 jthaederShow only the PHOS modules which are installed
2009-08-25 jthaeder* Bugfixes for 64Bit - 32Bit machines in the Source...
2009-02-20 mtadel* EveBase/AliEveTrack
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2008-09-08 mtadelFrom Jochen - EveHLT development accumulated since...
2008-07-02 mtadelIn AliEveEventManager::AssertGeometry() remove a hack...
2008-06-25 mtadelMerge of EVE-dev branch.
2008-05-09 cvetanFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware...
2008-03-20 mtadelFrom Jochen: changes accumulated during Feb/Mar cosmic...
2008-03-13 mtadelMerge changes from branches/dev/EVE. This branch was...
2008-01-21 mtadelMove contents of EVE/Alieve to EVE/EveDet as most code...
2008-01-18 mtadelRemove trailing whitespace.
2008-01-18 mtadelPut all classes in Alieve/ sub-module out of the Alieve...
2008-01-17 mtadelRemove EVE/Reve/ sub-module.
2007-12-18 mtadelMove class fws decls to proper namespace.
2007-12-17 mtadelNew files: macros needed to startup and steer the HLT...